Today guys we are in a new video today we return to the Maradona stadium for a great match for the match already run the championship is played in Naples Juve We are here with chef Franco guys immediately a nice like anyway a nice comment subscribe to the channel you I recommend guagliù Napoli – Juve 60,000 fans I have no anxiety because I am invincible several of us always win He tells you come on there were few old people and because the penguin will write down what will be the Napoli analysis that I am listening to first now I speak very highly of Napoli said Napoli should not be more afraid because We are in first place plus seven gave 1x plus multi goal 2 5 in my opinion it is within Napoli’s

Kehadiran Juru Selamat Baru: Napoli di Jalan yang Benar untuk Mengakhiri 32  Tahun Puasa Scudetto - Dunia Bola.com

reach but I tell you pozzi there is one thing I can say in my opinion chef Franco we talk well let’s go in or Desenzano from Napoli This time he spoke very well It’s true Here we are guys We are about to go in we always go in an emotion is more of a game tonight Mamma mia Mamma mia how beautiful this is today We are at the Maradona stadium in Naples Naples mother beautiful mother Here we are people Mamma mia you are too worse Well now yes that’s the weather Well the stadium is filling up here we are the players are on the pitch we only talk about Vittoria and nothing else Please open the hood tonight let’s go Alex Guarda look la la la la la la let’s go case Good night good night good night Look everyone

FOTO - Il Napoli demolisce la Juventus 5-1: gli scatti più belli della  serata del Maradona - TUTTOmercatoWEB.com

look at the Serie A anthem today let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s start Napoli – The shit of the Juve hits it again even better come on huh huh Please look at the sky Oh my good morning Goodnight fuck shit what a fuck ass too much bounce Maria got ass in the middle but lucky you got a loose one so I’m off to the yours so what a 10.1 stay safe Bravo rocked the church there he made a big hard dick the guys finished the first half 2-1 beautiful game match dominated by Napoli sadly we didn’t need us os di Maria’s final goal but perfect Napoli For the European Union, they are otherwise good because they really know how to put their hearts into the big game.

Kehadiran Juru Selamat Baru: Napoli di Jalan yang Benar untuk Mengakhiri 32  Tahun Puasa Scudetto - Dunia Bola.com

We are here. We think we’ll go, guys. The second half has started from Naples. even Modena San Giovanni run run run run run or you get a headache or I shoot you like good news oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Happy it’s over Enough of this dirty face But you got it 7 goals in the whole league you scored the strongest team Batman I’m typing five in ours is the boss of the Boss Naples sumptuous space perfect spectacular I have no more accents please in the bathroom throw the bum key Busi you can’t really talk 51 about coins and the video ends here fly more pun forever what are we experiencing Naples Forza Napoli always indoo flight Ah our beautiful life goodbye

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