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Well, it’s been football’s worst kept secret for about a month now, but Cristiano Ronaldo is joining al-nasa in Saudi Arabia as his next Club. Having been dropped from man united, uh, during the World Cup, with his contract cancelled, it seemed like Ronaldo was. obviously trying to move to a top European club he wanted to play in the Champions League but a 75 million dollar annual contract at Al NASA was too much to refuse and the reality is that also the victory they will get goes to Ronaldo in Europe wants to play champions league but its 38 february obviously time at united ended in

Cristiano Ronaldo will play for Al-Nassr from January 1, 2023 | Marca

acrimony when he was a difficult dressing room presence annoying manager too often became a disruptive presence so much From the European clubs he wanted to do were basically put off by his conduct and also by the cost it would have cost to get into there, so he’s off to Saudi Arabia, which I think is a pretty sad end to an amazing career. the end but if you know the best two years of his career I would say his coach’s last two years will be in Saudi Arabia Because by the time the two year contract is up he will be almost 40 so where is he? it will go after that so it’s a sad ending for Ronaldo because Saudi Arabia is a good league it’s a strong national league the whole Saudi Arabian World Cup starts being played in the national league but it’s not a league you would associate with the player of his talent.

Fabrizio Romano on Twitter: "🚨 OFFICIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo joins Al Nassr,  here we go! Contract valid until 2025 🇵🇹🇸🇦 #Ronaldo  https://t.co/HB562KnaTf" / Twitter
You know Lionel Messi, he is his great rival for that so-called Talent of the greatest player. The regeneration. He is still playing in the Champions League with Paris. when he is in his time in Europe and therefore for me Ronaldo has brought Assad to the end of his career, he set a sad route because he was probably another year 18 months old and he met a top European club. I think what happened at United has put too many people off I think they don’t want to risk it disrupting the locker room of taking too much money in the salary bill of being a player that disturbs the team how the team plays like it did with the United scored a lot of goals but the team was unsuccessful so it goes to our NASA now the top of the Saudi league right now they have a chance to win the title this year but the great great team in Saudi Saudi is the reigning Asian champion on Saturday.

Transfermarkt.co.uk on Twitter: "🚨BREAKING🚨 Cristiano Ronaldo has joined  Saudi club Al-Nassr. Ronaldo statement: “I'm thrilled for a new experience  in a different league and a different country, the vision that Al Nassr
Champions so he’s actually going to a team that’s not even the biggest club in the city so the second building in Riyadh I like to have the best support team meets Saudi Arabia out of jealousy so that he’s going to a team that you know is a great team he’s said but he’s not one of the traditional superpowers you would suggest he’s playing for throughout his career Real Madrid Juventus man united Sporting Lisbon even he’s going to a club in a league that is not who is going to see Ronaldo play how California n We see Ronaldo play again for al-nasa, so he will go to a club that is about to stop thinking and it’s sad, it’s a sad way to go, but the money is there its an amazing offer at 37 approaching 36 someone is going to offer you $75 million a year to play.

Cristiano Ronaldo 'will join Al-Nassr on free transfer on January 1'
It’s harder to deny, but I think his legacy is probably clouded by the fact that he’s seen it as Korean Saudi Arabia. Well thank you so much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and analytics be sure to download the ESPN app and for streaming premium content and let’s not forget also ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus

This is more than history in the making" - Al Nassr announce signing of Cristiano  Ronaldo (Official)

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