16-year-old Argentine mother gives birth to another trio of babies.

At the young age of 16, Argentine Natalie Scanlan made headlines when she gave birth to three identical daughters – Ellie, Lillie, and Maddie. This is a rare occurrence as most triplets are conceived through IVF and the odds of having triplets naturally are estimated to be 1 in 9,000 births.

Despite the challenges, Natalie said that having triplets was the “best thing” she’s ever done. She became pregnant while on vacation with her 19-year-old boyfriend in Tenerife, not realizing she was expecting until she returned home and started showing signs of pregnancy.

Natalie and her three young daughters currently reside in a small two-bed council house, making life even more challenging for the young mother. Raising children is never easy, but at such a young age, Natalie faces additional obstacles, including balancing motherhood with her own personal growth and development.

The loss of freedom is a significant change for the 17-year-old, as she now has to prioritize the needs of her three young daughters. Finding employment can be difficult for young mothers, and raising triplets presents an even greater challenge.

Despite these obstacles, Natalie remains determined to give her daughters the best life possible. Her own mother, Sarah, who became pregnant at 16, believes that life will be tough for Natalie, but she will eventually adjust and everything will work out.

Raising a child is not just about the experience of parenting, but also an economic challenge, especially for two young parents. With three children to care for, the responsibilities and demands increase, making support from family and friends even more important.

Sarah acknowledges the difficulties that come with being a young mother, but she is confident that with time, Natalie will find her footing and adjust to her new role as a mother of triplets.

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