20 Fish That Are Born Only Once In a Thousand Years

Overseas they say that there are plenty of fish in the sea and it turns out that it is completely true that there are millions, if not more, of species that we have not discovered yet, some because they live in extremely remote areas and others because there are not many of them. of them remain from a very special fish that can electrocute its enemies to a somewhat rebellious fish that prefers to walk instead of swimming here are 20 fish that are born only once every thousand years marine biologists foreign fish made an unusual sighting in the Waters Deep in the Pacific Ocean they caught a fish with a transparent head it was a barrel-eyed fish the only known animal that can literally see through its own forehead scientists from the

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Monterey Aquarium Research Institute spotted the transparent-headed fish staring at through tube-shaped eyes the barrel fish I also called macropina microstoma in the scientific community is a rare species of The twilight zone of the ocean lives between 600 and 800 meters deep barrel eye fish h is one of the most common marine species has intrigued marine biologists and now it has been discovered that thanks to this transparency the fish increases its angle of vision and detects m better to its possible prey since it has the ability to see through its own skull, that is, the two eyes of the fish float inside its head and scientists have been able to verify that they can literally rotate inside the skull and since its skin is transparent , the fish can observe what is going on outside, not that amazing and a bit creepy, however despite being the star of the marine biology world the barrel I fish has only been seen nine times making it into a serious and elusive fish. your face when you are sleeping now is the time for the star topic a monstrous and huge fish was recently caught off the coast of south africa now this creature stands out not only for its large size, but mainly for the fact that it has two

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heads perfectly well formed, we all know that individuals of any species can be born with a genetic mutation that results in two heads, but this fish apparently has two heads. characteristic of the species such a unique and never seen before animal has aroused a lot of interest in the scientific community that is why scientists immediately claimed this animal to conduct experiments who want to know if the animal behaves like one or two individuals or if the head is it a Decoy for Predators could this be a natural evolutionary step that could affect other animal species like ours imagine the possibilities comment below with the hashtag star topic and let us know your opinion in relation to what we have just shown on the screen with that said let’s keep things moving number 19. elephant fish this funny looking guy is an elephant fish they also call it Ghost Shark Whitefish and Camira clowns are cute fish with an elongated body and scaleless al most elephant fish have quite large pectoral fins and two dorsal fins, giving them a butterfly shape, especially when swimming.

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This species has a single gill that opens immediately in front of the pectoral fin on each side of the fish. The unique, odd snout is covered in pores that can sense movement and even the weakest electrical fields, allowing it to detect prey. much better than just sight as you can see ghost sharks are very silvery with some dark markings their eyes are relatively large and set quite high on their head their caudal fin is divided into two lobes the upper one is larger than the lower They are quite large fish measuring up to about 1.2 meters and weighing 7 kilograms with the females growing larger than the males.

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They are found in shallow vases and large estuaries but have sometimes been seen in 200 meter kills on the continental shelf as well, this species appears in school by gender meaning that female beers and males are separated unless let it be the 18th mating season. european sea sturgeon sturgeon is a strange-looking primitive fish that is born in freshwater spends part of its life in the sea and returns to reproduce in the river also called stereo asapenser is one of the The largest fish in Europe, being able to reach 3.5 meters in length as they age, leave rivers to live in deeper estuaries in general than for the 26 species of sturgeon still found in the world.


The situation is extremely worrying, even desperate. with these Giant rivers paying a high price for the transformation and disappearance of their habitat contamination and overfishing of their meat and eggs in some countries is a It is a protected species and benefits from a restoration plan to try to stop its decline in the wild. The adult is one to two meters long, a maximum of three and a half meters, and weighs around 300 kilograms, even up to 500 kilograms, and can live for more than 80 years. with late sexual maturity and occurring after 10 years for males and 13 years for females sturgeon fetus in benthic animals and mainly invertebrates in freshwater feed on worms larvae of insects and crustaceans and brackish water worms and crustaceans in seawater mainly worms also feed on dead fish on the bottom as well as the bait used by carp anglers number 17.

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Parrotfish Parrotfish are a family of marine fish included in the order Persiformes, most They are tropical species distributed in the coral reefs of the Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, their scientific name. scarity derives from the Greek skyros, which means to jump because of their ability to jump and strike with their tails. They are called parrot fish because of their particular teeth and the color of their body. parrots beak which they use to gnaw on corals and rocks, thus ripping off the algae they feed on due to this habit, they are often Known as the gardeners of the coral reef, without them it would be an algae disaster everywhere, although not they are totally herbivorous, since they also gnaw small mollusc invertebrates that live among the coral after digesting the pieces of rock and coral they eat. they defecate a by-product very similar to sand, being an important source of the sand that accumulates on the beaches of the islands and atolls in the coral reefs, in other words, if you like to relax on us White sand tropical beach, it is It is better that you thank the parrot fish while you rest in its poop.

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Many species have bright colors, which is why they are highly appreciated in marine aquariums. However, their maintenance is very difficult since they need tsuna in the living coral, this makes their growth in the aquarium difficult. very slow plus it loses some of its strong coloration in captivity number 16. smalltooth sawfish even though this species has the word small in its name, it is not a small fish by any means the smalltooth sawfish is a species of sawfish in the family pristidy smalltooth sawfish found in tropical and subtropical parts of the Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico its historical range was the smallest of any sawfish species covered approximately 2.1 million square kilometers with the United States in the northwest to Uruguay in the southwest and in the east from Senegal to Angola today this species is in critical condition Endangered and has disappeared from much of its original range there are some old reports of toothfish sightings in the Mediterranean Sea, but this probably involved wanderers getting lost somehow.

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These large fish are said to reach lengths of up to 7.6 metres, however this is probably an exaggeration as the largest confirmed specimen measures 5.54 metres, they are also quite heavy weighing in at a staggering 350 kilograms. . the iconic saw-shaped nose that characterizes the species that gives this fish an unmistakable silhouette they are brownish-grey on the upper body sometimes also bluish-grey or even blackish and their belly area is usually white number 15. The puffer fish The puffer fish is an extremely rare marine animal that, because it lives in the depths, its appearance changes when it is brought to the surface.

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Its body is gelatinous and with little density, characteristics that give it a somewhat unpleasant appearance due to That has been nicknamed the ugliest fish in the world, poor thing, the blobfish or drop fish is a species of fish from the sacraludes family and its scientific name is sacraluti’s marketus. This species is endemic to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, its gelatinous texture and bones. soft make it a rather bizarre and curious fish however this strange appearance is even greater when it is extracted from the water so the Blobfish has two appearances the norm l below the water and gelatinous on the surface due to the low pressure that exists outside when it is brought to the surface i Its texture becomes gelatinous and smooth, while the extreme pressure of its natural habitat holds its body in place.

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The female is believed to be larger than the male. They are light cream to dark beige in color, depending on whether they are in the water or on the beach. surface their body has a very low density which helps them float on the bottom of the ocean in this way they can swim without spending much energy and stay alive in the depths of the sea number 14. sunflower starfish the sunflower starfish is the largest of all starfish species and also has the most arms its scientific name is pignapodia helianthoides and it is a soft-bodied animal that relies on fluid pressure to maintain its body shape similar to the Blobfish it has 15 to 24 arms that reach diameters of up to one meter and can weigh up to 13.4 pounds or 5 kilograms its coloration ranges from orange to pink to yellow brown and purple with white spines the sunflower starfish is over 15,000 feet tubular that allows it to adhere to rocks or move along the substratum, generally distributed in the eastern Pacific Ocean from the island of Unalaska, Alaska, to Baja California, but Less commonly south of Monterey Bay, Sunflower Starfish are opportunistic hunters of a wide range of marine invertebrates and, in some areas, are significant predators. that regulate the natural ecosystems where they live as predators of sea urchins that feed on kelp the species helps maintain healthy kelp forests sunflower sea stars use their strong sense of smell and highly sensitive light and dark indicators to find their prey and they can move at a fast speed of 10 centimeters per second or 18 feet per minute number 13. peacock mantis shrimp if i told you to think of the strongest animal in the world which one comes to mind i bet it is something as well as a polar bear or a sperm whale or maybe an elephant in any case most people tend to think of

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massive animals but it seems this is simply not true the strongest animal in the world is actually a fish rimp yes a shrimp but not the kind you eat with mayonnaise the peacock mantis shrimp is a fascinating animal with many outstanding qualities they are a crustacean of the order stomatopoda and measure about 12 centimeters as you can see they have very bright and metallic colors inhabits the Great Coral Reef in Australia and uses the clubs on its extremities to hit its prey faster than a 22 caliber bullet a hook so powerful that it can easily break glass of the aquarium when kept in captivity and makes it the strongest creature in relation to its size the force and speed of its blow are its means of feeding, since it can open the shells of its prey, such as crabs and clams, to strike this heart without breaking its clubs.

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The peacock mantis shrimp has a special shock-absorbing core that has a molecular structure like no other. The animal we know of from this compound is called the boolagan structure which prevents small cracks from becoming a full break number 12. Fang chooses fish this same aptly named fish is a species of deep-sea fish in the family and a plogaster is a deep-sea fish found between 500 and 5,000 meters deep distributed in tropical and temperate zones the family contains only two very similar species with no known close relatives anaplo guest or cornuta found worldwide and anaplegaster brachisera found in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic its head is very large with threatening fangs and large jaws full of mucus with cavities outlined by closed edges and covered by thin skin the eyes are relatively small for its morphology since as a product of evolution this species has developed this adaptation to confuse its predators the whole body is very dark brown almost black and is it is highly compressed laterally progressively thinner towards the tail the fins are small and simple the scales are embedded in the skin and take the form of thin plates the adult is a fearsome predator whose inwardly turned teeth prevent prey from escaping its grasp and d Deadly bite, this scary looking fish usually rises from the deep dark waters to attack its prey from below and usually doesn’t stand a chance against such huge and razor sharp teeth, even babies of this species seem taken froma horror movie watching as The larva of this fish is also covered with spiny growths number 11. edges frog or frogfish these fish are some of the favorite animals to find underwater for divers which are not easy to find, it is not That they are rare or even geographically limited is simply that these little creatures have so many tricks up their sleeves to camouflage themselves that you could be looking straight at it and not see it was there.

15 Animals That Are Born Only Once In a Thousand Years
There are 47 and counting species of frogfish that are very common in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Pacific with rare freshwater species, both the common and scientific names allude to their physical resemblance to certain amphibians, the toad to be precise, they are small to medium in size with a maximum of about 57 centimeters and are easily recognizable by their shape characteristic they have a large head and a flattened body often with wattles and other appendages they are trap hunters which is why they are so good at ca muffle and often lie down without moving a muscle until a fish gets too close and then bam the frogfish opens its mouth with incredible speed in fact the frogfish can catch its prey in 16000 of a second which is blazing fast number 10 sea bunny are you ready to learn about the cutest sea animal you have ever seen?

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I mean, look at this thing don’t If you want to cuddle it forever, while this Cutie’s fancy scientific name is geruna parva, it’s more commonly known as a sea bunny for its shape reminiscent of a fluffy white bunny, but can you guess what species it is? It’s a slug, yeah, you heard it. This is what a slug looks like I bet you never thought a slug could be so cute It was discovered in 1938 by the Japanese malacologist Kikutaru Baba in the eastern Japanese archipelago They are about an inch long They are usually yellow or white and are hermaphrodites to Despite this, if they form pairs to exchange sperm, they usually live up to a year, they have no predators because they contain toxins that come out of their fur, which are small, rod-shaped black spines, hence the a. appearance of spots that have strange devices that look like ears, they are actually sensory antennae that they use to hunt their prey, which are usually small organisms such as crustaceans and sea sponges.

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They are also characterized for being one of the few species that hunt and eat the Faisalia fisalis known as the portuguese man of war and one of the most venomous creatures in the sea and then uses its stingers to defend itself number nine black swallower no this is not a kitchen joke nor is it mention of some fanciful monster this is a real living fish in the depths of the ocean and is curiously capable of eating prey more than twice its length and 10 times its own mass and leaves no leftovers for later neither does Helen manage to do such a thing without her prey first eating it for breakfast or giving it a good swing for its life is still not very clear now of course the gluttony and digestive capacity of this fish is impressive considering this fish is 10 cent meters long and c an easy to swallow prey that measures 20 centimeters I mean it sounds fake but it’s not this species is scientifically called Chiasmoda Niger and lives between 700 and 2750 meters deep swallows its prey Hole by extending its mouth and pushing it towards the highly elastic stomach that can expand depending on the size of the prey after digestion the stomach returns to its natural size this fish is like the boa constrictor of the deep sea just take a moment to imagine eating something twice your size it really turns the heads things in perspective it is not kissing loach number eight this adorable little fish is so extremely rare that it only lives in a few Japanese rivers on only one of the islands of the country Honshu its scientific name is Parabosha Curtis and it is a species of rapeseed and fish of the bottieti family this fish spawns in rice paddy areas at the beginning of June so in order to survive it depends totally on the flooding of certain areas above the terrestrial vegetation these wat er-filled areas are the result of water coming down from mountain streams and irrigation ponds.

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In 2012, a plan to build a city park with a huge sports stadium on the island of Honshu was announced, but the developer soon realized that the planned location would completely destroy a very important spawning ground for kissing loaches. juveniles after much deliberation with environmental and conservation organizations, they decided to change the location to avoid the extinction of this species number seven giant sea bass the giant sea bass or as it is known in the scientific community stereolapis gigas is a huge fish that likes to live in the North Pacific Ocean this scaly mastodon can grow from a few centimeters to the height of the tallest person to have walked this Earth this magnificent fish can live almost as long as humans but even with an extension as long as the life expectancy of this species it is sadly critically endangered with only about 500 specimens. ocean despite their name, these big guys aren’t technically in the bass family, but rather in the rec fish family.

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They are huge reef dwellers that if you are ever lucky enough to see one, you will not get lost or confused with any other fish. the sea to begin with will take on the size of this thing, while the average length of a giant bass is just over seven feet, there have been reports of specimens reaching over eight feet and even nine feet in length, Their weight is also in the heavy-duty category. These animals usually weigh between 500 and 600 pounds. Tequila split fin number six After becoming extinct in the wild, the tequila fish swims again through the waters of the Teochitlan river in Jalisco thanks to a rescue process. and reintroduction of the species is barely eight centimeters or three inches and weighs 15 grams but the split fin tequila as well as others of the good Yeti family are valuable to evolutionary and behavioral biologists due to their viviparous condition that is the females are fertilized and They go through a 45-day pregnancy but first they have to choose a mate, which forces the males to do their own dance and show their beautiful and colorful tail of an orange tone. haha intense the female will say that this specimen has survived despite its ostentatious appearance the predation of other aquatic creatures in other words if the males survived even with the worst odds against them that is a gene pool that the ladies want to pass on to their offspring, which in a way makes total sense, unfortunately, industrial and agricultural progress has been depositing pollutants in Mexican rivers, seriously affecting the reproduction of the Goodyears.

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They no longer wear such beautiful colors and are born with neurological disorders that make it difficult for them to perform the dances that used to attract to the females anyway they don’t the males are not like before and the ladies are not very happy about it number five NASA feather Adriatic sturgeon being nakari commonly known as the Adriatic sturgeon is a species of fish in the assapinsurity family endemic to the Adriatic Sea and particularly to the fresh waters of northern Italy to and along the Adriatic coasts of Italy Albania Croatia Greece Montenegro and Slovenia it is an elongated fish that can reach a maximum length of about 2 meters and a maximum mass of 25 kilograms with an olive-brown back paler sides and a whitish belly the Adriatic sturgeon is threatened by habitat loss and overfishing goodnight particularly the capture of immature fish that have not yet reproduced Fish populations have declined dramatically by more than 80 percent in the last 60 years.

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In 2010, the International Union for Conservation of Nature changed its conservation status from vulnerable to critically endangered and it is likely already functionally extinct in the wild, as breeding has not been confirmed. since the 1980s, like all other sturgeons, the Adriatic sturgeon has a cartilaginous skeleton that is also scaleless, instead its body is partially covered with bony plates called scutes, and four tactile barbels that precede its toothless mouth. They are primitive-looking creatures that have a fairly long life, approximately 20 years, and are of vital importance to the well-being of their natural habitat number four Devil’s Hole Cub the whole devil’s cub scientific name Sabrina Don diabolis Currently may be the animal most isolated and lonesome on planet Earth although it’s hard to know for sure they haven’t compared it to me yet it’s even hard to tell how long ago this little fish appeared as a different species from the family Supreme adantai slightly similar to carp adult specimens are barely an inch and a half even more difficult is determining why this fish lives exclusively in a small water cave with a small opening to the outside in a desert area of ​​Nevada managed by Death Valley National Park and isolated from any other body of water a census that took place in 2013, I only detected 35 specimens, the only certain thing is that the puppy of the d The Devil is in serious danger of extinction.
A team of scientists published an article stating that due to their genetic studies it is probable that the first hatchlings reached the Devil Hole between 105 and 830 years ago, possibly transported to these waters by human inhabitants of the area, according to these experts. the original specimens evolved from other local species as they were isolated in a very small population the data from this study disproved earlier hypotheses that the species Sabrina Don diabolis arose in this Nevada cave about 13,000 years ago, the handfish from thread number three, have you ever heard of a fish that instead of swimming, walks well, meets the red hand fish?

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The fabulous fish that breaks all the rules. an abyssal fish but it is an extremely interesting genus of fish that belongs to the brachyon xinity family of the order lovia lo forma is one of the rarest species in the world and was already thought to be extinct but it seems we were wrong they have been seen in very large quantities small in coastal areas of eastern Tasmania Australia Preferred habitat is at the junction between reefs and sand and in sandy areas around rocks in observations by academics it has been determined that the thyme or red-handed fish feed on small crustaceans and worms and do you see their fancy red jazz hands?

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Yeah, well, they use them to literally walk in the background. from the sea instead of swimming, which is their preferred method of transportation, they can vary quite a bit in color, from bright red to light pink and even brown, and are usually less than 10 centimeters long, the fact that they have been seen a small group of them in the wild is unbelievably good news that as marine biologists and conservationists who jump for happiness around the world, the number two sturgeon of the sacraments, this species of sturgeon is a rare anadromous f The fish are They are found only in the Tomlin River located in Russia and in the Sea of ​​Japan, unfortunately, the saccalin sturgeon is listed as critically endangered throughout its natural habitat according to the ESA. river every year to spawn the only way from now on to ensure that this magnificent species does not disappear is through artificial reproduction and the release of juveniles in the tumnin river and tonaicha lake its main threats are illegal pollution as well such as bycatch and improper regulation systems and mechanisms like most surgeonfish these fish are quite large they can grow up to eight feet long and weigh approximately 330 pounds their skin is olive green to dark green on the back with a belly yellowish green white and a very characteristic olive green stripe on its side also like all other sturgeons this species has a cartilaginous skeleton an upper lobe larger than the lower and a bottom-ori serrated mouth with four sensory whiskers ornate sleeping ray number one This magnificent ray is the only species in the genus Electrolux and was only recently formally described in 2007.

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E You may have heard its scientific name before and that’s because it was named after a well-known brand of vacuum cleaners due to its impressive electrogenic properties and incredible forceful suction when feeding on top of all that, the ornate right sleeper is the largest known member of the Sleeper Ray family, they look quite conspicuous with their striking cream and brown markings. especially when they blend in with their natural sandy habitat just like cats do. Ray has been known to perform threat displays such as arching its back and raising its tail when approached by a diver, you can simply call them the kitties of the ocean.
However, while your kitty can only scratch you, the ornate sleep rate can literally electrocute you thanks to its powerful electric organ while you do so. n see fish come in as many sizes, colors and shapes as you can imagine out of all the fish mentioned in this video which one would you like to see in their natural habitat more tell us about it also check out our other cool things on screen right now See you next time

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