3 Sisters Were Born on the Same Day, Each 3 Years Apart: ‘It Simply Feels Surreal,’ Says Mom

“It wasn’t our plan for them to share the same birthdays,” says Kristin Lammert, talking about her daughters Sophia, Giuliana, and Mia, all born on August 25th.

A Florida couple had an extraordinary coincidence with all three of their daughters being born on the same day, albeit with a three-year gap between each birth. Kristin Lammert reveals to PEOPLE that she never expected this remarkable event, but her daughters Sophia (6 years old), Giuliana (3 years old), and Mia (2 months old) seemed to have arranged their synchronized birthday.

Although each girl has her own unique birth story, they all share an incredible coincidence of being born on August 25. Sophia entered the world in 2015, followed by Giuliana in 2018, and most recently, Mia in 2021. Kristin describes the experience as surreal and unexpected, highlighting that they didn’t intentionally plan for it but consider it a special and exceptional occurrence, almost as if it was destined to happen.

The remarkable journey of the Lammert family’s triple miracle started in 2015 when the pregnant mother from Oviedo, Florida, was expecting their first child. Kristin remembers that her pregnancy went smoothly without any complications. However, as she approached the end, she began experiencing regular contractions that did not progress beyond two centimeters.

“I had to undergo induction as the baby’s heart rate was dropping during contractions,” she reminisces. “Thankfully, Sophia was delivered safely. Despite the original due date being August 23, 2015, she made her entrance two days later on August 25.”

During her second pregnancy with Giuliana, Kristin encountered some difficulties due to persistent nausea.

“Despite the discomfort, the baby’s health and development were on track,” she recollects. “I had a thought that my second child might arrive earlier than expected. However, I was aware that induction was not an option unless medically necessary. I understood that Giuliana would need to initiate labor naturally, as doctors wouldn’t induce labor before it was required.”

Giuliana displayed a sense of timing that aligned with her sisters. During Kristin’s final obstetrician appointment, she had slightly elevated blood pressure, prompting the doctor to decide on a hospital induction.

“I jokingly say that Giuliana’s rise in blood pressure was her way of ensuring she shares a birthday with Sophia,” Kristin remarks. “Giuliana’s due date was August 29, 2018, but she surprised us by arriving on August 25, four days earlier.”

Three years later, it was time for Mia to make her grand entrance, but not without overcoming a few hurdles along the way.

“Despite contracting COVID-19 in the early stages of my pregnancy at just 10 weeks, Mia continued to grow and develop healthily. However, as a result, I required close monitoring for any potential complications,” Kristin reveals.

“In the final days of my pregnancy, I encountered challenges such as high blood pressure, persistent headaches, and severe swelling,” she reveals. “Because of the onset of preeclampsia, I underwent induction two weeks before my expected due date, which caught me completely off guard. Mia, originally scheduled to arrive on September 8, 2021, surprised us all by making her entrance on August 25, a full 14 days earlier than expected.”

The Lammert family’s triple coincidence of having three daughters with the same birthday is an extraordinary event, with sociologist Rob Warren from the University of Minnesota estimating the odds at approximately 8 in 1 million. Kristin and her husband Nick were amazed and astounded by this remarkable occurrence.

Kristin explains, “Our plan was to have three children with a three-year age gap between them, but we never expected them to share the same birthday. Fertility can be unpredictable, and we deliberately chose to wait for a September due date for our third child. However, baby Mia had her own agenda in store for us.”

When the Lammerts informed their two older daughters about Mia’s birth, Kristin recalls the overwhelming excitement that followed.

“I can still vividly recall being on the phone with the girls while my husband and I were at the hospital,” she reminisces. “My parents were looking after them, and they were eagerly waiting for updates to find out if they would share their birthdays with their new sister.”

Kristin reflects on the process of deciding on a birthday for their new arrival. “Initially, we considered August 23rd, and then the 24th,” she recalls. “But when I called the girls to announce that their baby sister would be born on August 25th, their joyful squeals filled the air.”

She continues, “They couldn’t contain their excitement to go to school and share the wonderful news with their teachers and friends. Having shared birthdays brings them so much joy.”

According to Kristin, it’s not only their shared birthday that brings the girls together, but also the strong and unbreakable bond they have developed.

“They share an incredibly close relationship,” Kristin explains. “It’s truly heartwarming to witness their special friendship.”

“Sophia has always been nurturing and caring, taking on the role of the ‘mother’ within the group. On the other hand, Giuliana is the funny one, but she’s also gentle and caring towards ‘her baby’,” she continues. “They often compete for the opportunity to hold Mia more, and they love snuggling together. It brings me joy to dress them in matching outfits.”

Looking ahead to the future, Kristin is filled with excitement as she anticipates the continued growth and development of her daughters’ personalities.

“I playfully hope that Sophia and Giuliana will include Mia in their ‘squad’, as they already share such a strong bond,” she shares. “It seems like they are on that path, and it’s heartening to see.”

Kristin eagerly awaits upcoming birthday celebrations, as they create lasting family memories and embark on future family vacations. When asked about what excites her the most, she mentions the reactions they receive when sharing their unique family fact.

“To add to the uniqueness, our family dog, Koda Bear, also happens to share the same birthday on August 25th and turned 16 this year,” she adds. “It’s amusing to witness people’s surprised reactions. It still amazes me just as much as it does them!”

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