A 28-year-old mother, who previously experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages, finally gave birth to quadruplets.

Dayna Childress, who is 28 years old and lives in Ohio, United States, was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant after just a month of trying to conceive with her husband Colby, who is 27 years old. In December 2015, their first son, Lincoln, was born after a smooth pregnancy. When Lincoln turned nine months old, Dayna and Colby wanted to expand their family and have another child close in age to Lincoln.

However, the couple faced difficulties in conceiving again and after six months of trying, Dayna began to worry she may not be able to have another child. Despite this, seven months later she discovered she was pregnant, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage at six weeks into the pregnancy.

Dayna recalls that water was the main trigger for her nausea during pregnancy, so when it disappeared, she drank a lot of water in the hopes of getting the nauseous feeling back. Unfortunately, a week after the nausea stopped, tests confirmed that she had suffered a miscarriage. Dayna was devastated by the news and struggled to accept it.

After experiencing the immense sadness of losing a baby, Mrs. Childress became pregnant once again. However, her hope was once again shattered as she miscarried at four weeks into the pregnancy. In an effort to understand the cause of her fertility problems, Mrs. Childress consulted with four gynaecologists, each offering a different course of action. Despite the differing opinions, none of the tests performed revealed any fertility issues.

Filled with desperation and determined to have a baby, Mrs. Childress was prescribed fertility drugs which she took for an entire year. Finally, her persistence paid off as she conceived once again. During a five-week ultrasound, the couple received the exciting news that they were expecting not one, but four babies. On June 29th, after 28 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, Mrs. Childress gave birth to quadruplets, Otto, Willow, Simon, and Willis. The babies were born at varying weights, with Simon weighing in at 3lbs 2oz and the other three each weighing 2lbs 14oz.

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