A 55-year-old woman from the United Kingdom recently gave birth to triplets, making her the oldest mother of triplets in Britain.

A 55-year-old woman in the UK has recently become the oldest mother of triplets in Britain after undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Sharon Cutts, a grandmother of four, was quoted as saying that she was aware of the possibility of having multiple births because the doctor had implanted four embryos in her for a higher chance of conception.

Sharon and her boyfriend, Stuart Reynolds, who is 15 years younger than her, became proud parents of three children, two sons named Mason and Ryan, and a daughter named Lily. Sharon, who has four grown-up children from a previous relationship, stated that she does not mind that her new babies are younger than her grandchildren, as it means they will have many playmates.

Stuart, who did not have any children of his own, wanted to start a family, but Sharon had already gone through menopause. The couple’s only option was IVF therapy, which involves the removal of an egg from another woman’s ovaries, fertilization with Stuart’s sperm in a laboratory, and then implantation into Sharon.

However, the couple was disappointed when the nine eggs donated by an anonymous donor did not take after two attempts at the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, as the service only provides the process up to the age of 42. As a result, they turned to a private clinic in London for a third treatment, which was successful.

Lincolnshire grandmother becomes Britain's oldest mother of triplets |  Daily Mail Online

Sharon also revealed that she had undergone Botox injections and received hair extensions after giving birth to ensure she looked good. She and Stuart are now overjoyed and grateful to be the proud parents of their three beautiful children.

Stuart expressed his initial concerns about having four embryos implanted, but was reassured by the medical professionals that the increased number would increase the chances of success. To their surprise, three of the embryos survived.

Gran, 55, gives birth to TRIPLETS, smashing British record … and looks her  best for birth with Botox – The Sun | The Sun

Sharon revealed that after undergoing the procedure, she took a pregnancy test at work and found out she was expecting. She was overjoyed to share the news with Stuart, who was equally ecstatic. During a subsequent scan, they were informed that they were having triplets, which initially came as a shock, but ultimately filled them with delight.

To ensure the safe delivery of the babies, Sharon spent 11 weeks in the maternity ward. At one point, her doctors recommended that she consider aborting one of the fetuses due to the risks associated with her age, but she decided against it. Eventually, the triplets were born via C-section at Nottingham University Hospital, each weighing between 4-5lbs.

55-Year Woman Breaks British Record With Birth of Her Triplets | News Ghana

Sharon also mentioned that she treated herself to Botox injections and fresh hair extensions while in the hospital before giving birth. She stated that she intends to maintain her youthful appearance and keep up with her grooming habits, as she wants to look like the famous romance novelist Barbara Cartland when she reaches her 80s. She proudly declared that she feels young at heart and has never felt her age of 55, as she was physically active, working four night shifts a week at the hospital and spending the rest of her time at the gym.

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