A Cat Takes in an Abandoned Baby Bobcat

Last month, a rescue team from the Millstone Wildlife Center in New Hampshire was called to assist a baby bobcat who had been separated from her mother. The six-week-old kitten was found to be in good physical condition, but was feeling heartbroken and lonely from being away from her mother.

The rescue team quickly reached out to Spicy Cats, a feral feline rescue and rehabilitation center, in search of a foster parent for the bobcat kitten. At Spicy Cats, they found Honeybun, a domesticated cat who had previously taken care of several litters of kittens not her own.

Although Honeybun had never raised a wild kitten before, her loving and patient nature made her the perfect candidate to care for the bobcat kitten. Under Honeybun’s watchful eye, the kitten’s broken heart quickly mended and she soon became attached to her new foster mom.

While Honeybun’s role as a foster parent is temporary, her presence has provided the kitten with the love and comfort she needs during this transition period. Once the kitten is ready, she will be placed with another bobcat at the Millstone Wildlife Center to continue her development and eventual release back into the wild.

Cat adopts baby bobcat and the unusual pair melts hearts! | TAG24

Thanks to Honeybun’s big heart, the bobcat kitten is on her way to recovery and a successful future in the wild. Despite the challenges she faced in the beginning, she will be able to move forward and thrive with the help of those who care for her.

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