A man refused to remove his wife from life support and prayed for two months until she woke up and embraced their newborn son.

An expectant mother from Indiana faced serious health issues that required her to undergo an emergency C-section. Despite the difficult start to her pregnancy, her husband refused to lose hope and remained by her side, praying for her recovery even as she remained in a coma for several months.

The Carvers, a young couple from Indiana, were overjoyed to be expecting their third child. Though they had a strong and loving relationship, they were faced with unexpected challenges when Autumn fell ill during her eighth month of pregnancy.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Autumn successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Huxley. However, she was unable to immediately care for him as she remained in the ICU, fighting for her life. Her devoted husband remained by her side, offering love and support during this difficult time.

Zack Carver | Source: Youtube.com/The 700 Club

The Worst Day of His Life

Zack and Autumn’s happiest day turned into the worst for Zack, who referred to it as “the worst day in his life”. The primary doctor of Autumn did not have hope for her survival and after being on life support for two months, suggested turning off the machines and letting her pass away peacefully. However, Zack refused to give up hope and still believed in his wife’s full recovery.

The experience was unforgettable for everyone and meant the world to the sickly mom. The special meeting was an answer to one of Zack’s prayers.

Zack prayed for his wife every day and had a large group of people who were praying online for a miracle. Despite being told that there was no chance of survival, they remained hopeful and had faith.

Zack was unable to envision a future without Autumn, stating that he did not know life without her. Desperate for his wife to have the opportunity to hold their newborn son, Huxley, Zack made a special request to the doctors. He asked them to bring Autumn out of sedation so that she could see and hold her baby. Recognizing the significance of this moment, which could potentially be their last, Zack fervently pleaded with the medical team. To his delight, the doctors agreed and arranged for Autumn to have a touching and unforgettable moment with her beloved son.

The Memorable Meeting

This was an experience that will stay with us forever and it meant everything to my wife who was not well. This meeting was a response to my prayers and I will always remember it with pride.
“Her parents, one of her best friends, and many nurses and doctors witnessed the special moment. I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the area. What an amazing day.”

Autumn’s Slow Recovery Journey

Despite some initial medical suggestions, Zack was not willing to accept the idea of a lung transplant for his wife. Instead, he sought a second opinion before making any decisions, still holding onto the belief that Autumn would make a miraculous recovery without the need for a transplant.

Fortunately, the thoracic surgeon that Zack consulted did not believe that a transplant was necessary for Autumn’s recovery. The husband shared this information, expressing relief and gratitude for the positive outcome.

“[The doctor] came in and said, ‘you don’t need a lung transplant. You’re going to be fine.’ It was super good news. We embraced in a hug and thanked God and the doctor.”

As Autumn began to show signs of improvement, everyone was amazed. Her recovery was gradual, but Zack was confident that she would fully recover.

The Experience Changed Them

After three months, Autumn was declared to be healthy and was able to return home in December 2021. She had changed during her time in the hospital. Zack was eager to share the news with his friends and family and expressed his gratitude.

“Such a happy, emotional, overwhelming day. I had to step back many times and look at all the greatness. We surprised our daughters. I think they were in shock. Neither of them could talk or react.”

Many people drove by the family’s home to show their support for the courageous wife and mother. The couple was overwhelmed with emotion and thanked everyone for their constant prayers and love.

A Message from Autumn

The Carver family was grateful for the gift of life, and Autumn shared that her daughter now believed in miracles. She said:

“Every day is a gift. Tell people you love them and give lots of hugs. It can just all change so quickly and you don’t want to leave anything unsaid.”

Zack also mentioned that he now prays with his children every night, something he hadn’t done previously. Their lives have changed forever and they never take their miracle for granted.

Zack and Autumn were amazed by their blessings and hoped that their story would inspire others to spread more love, as life is short. We wish them many happy and healthy years as a family.

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