A Mother’s Love: £10,000 Spent on Baby’s Lavish Wardrobe

As a new mother, it’s natural to want to dress your baby up in cute outfits, but one mother from Great Yarmouth, Liana Olgun, has taken this to a whole new level. Liana has spent around £10,000 on her 18-month-old daughter, Myla Rose’s wardrobe, ensuring that her daughter always looks stylish and chic.

The Stylish Duo: Coordinating Outfits

Liana’s love for fashion extends to her daughter, Myla, and she often coordinates their outfits, making sure they are always dressed to impress. Myla is definitely one of the most stylish babies around, and Liana is proud of the fact that her daughter never repeats an outfit.

No Tacky Clothes: Banning Character-Themed Clothes

When it comes to her daughter’s wardrobe, Liana is very selective. Peppa Pig merch is a big no-no, as Liana hates character-themed clothes. She spends around 30 minutes every evening deciding what Myla will wear the following day and never lets her daughter leave the house in a less-than-perfect outfit.

A Stylish Mom: From Shopping to Planning

Liana’s love for fashion and styling began when she found out she was pregnant with a girl. She always wanted to be a girl mom so that she could dress her daughter in cute outfits and coordinate with her. Like a true fashionista, Liana plans how Myla will dress for upcoming seasons and never leaves the house without putting together a stylish outfit for both herself and her daughter.

Dressing Up for the Fun of It

Myla is on board with her mother’s fashion sense and loves getting dressed up each day. Liana finds it adorable when her daughter looks at herself in the mirror, admiring her cute outfit. Despite receiving criticism from some people, Liana doesn’t let it affect her. She believes that her daughter is hers to dress up however she likes.

Is Spending £10,000 on a Baby’s Wardrobe Worth It?

Liana’s lavish spending on her daughter’s wardrobe may raise eyebrows for some, but to Liana, it’s a way of expressing her love for her daughter. While some may argue that spending £10,000 on a baby’s wardrobe is excessive, others may see it as an investment in their child’s confidence and self-esteem.

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