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Chahat Kumar, a young girl from Punjab, India, has gained significant attention and concern from many online observers due to her excessive weight and chubby appearance. She is often referred to as the “child sumo” because of her oversized and chubby figure. Chahat encounters numerous challenges in her daily life, including difficulty walking independently like other children. Remarkably, at just 8 months old in 2017, she already weighed 17 kg, which is comparable to the weight of a 4-5-year-old child. This has raised concerns among many individuals regarding the potential health implications of her excessive weight and adipose tissue.

The extraordinary life of India’s heaviest girl, Chahat, has been marked by a sudden increase in weight since she was 4 months old.

Parents facing criticism for their children’s obesity

According to the India Times, Chahat was born with a normal weight, like any other child. However, at 4 months old, her weight began to uncontrollably escalate.

“Her weight keeps increasing day by day,” expressed Sauraj Kumar, her father. The excessive weight gain occurred when Chahat felt hungry and continuously asked for food. Her mother, Reena, mentioned that her daughter ate as much as a 10-year-old child.

During that time, Chahat’s parents were deeply concerned about their child, unaware of the cause of her weight gain.

“She doesn’t eat like a typical child. She keeps eating and doesn’t feel full. If we don’t give her anything, she starts crying. Many times she wanted to go out, but due to her excessive weight, my wife and I could only take her to nearby places,” said Reena.

Having previously lost her first son, Reena was terrified and felt helpless when her daughter faced such a situation.

Chahat’s story and photos were widely shared on forums, and many people expressed frustration, blaming her parents for her current condition. However, Mr. Sauraj denied the criticism from critics.

“It can’t be our fault. My wife and I cannot control the situation. I feel saddened whenever someone mocks her because of her appearance,” expressed the father.

The unusual life of India’s heaviest girl-2The unusual life of India’s heaviest girl-3The unusual life of India’s heaviest girl-4The unusual life of India’s heaviest girl-5Chahat’s oversized body prevents her from walking and playing on her own like other children.

Chahat has been experiencing numerous breathing and sleep problems due to her obesity. When her parents took her to the hospital, even the doctors were perplexed by Chahat’s condition. Additionally, her unusually thick skin makes it extremely difficult to draw blood for testing.

Dr. Vasudev Sharma, the treating doctor, stated, “We couldn’t conduct a blood test due to the excessive fat layer. Despite attempting various methods, we couldn’t determine the baby’s condition.”

Experts in India believe that Chahat suffers from a deficiency of leptin, a hormone that regulates body weight. This deficiency results in limited satiety signals, causing constant hunger and a desire to eat continuously. Chahat is identified as one of the 51 children in the world with early-onset obesity due to leptin deficiency.

The family was advised to take their daughter to Civil Hospital in Amritsar, but they lacked the financial means to do so.

The unusual life of the heaviest girl in India-6The unusual life of the heaviest girl in India-7The Indian girl’s parents hope for their daughter to be cured of the disease and develop like other normal children.

Due to excessive weight, Chahat is unable to walk and play like normal children. Her legs cannot support the weight of her upper body, so most of the time, she remains seated or crawls on the ground.

Famous on the internet, Chahat has received offers of assistance from many benefactors. However, until now, a cure for her problems has not been found.

In a video recorded by Rare Shot News channel in April of this year, Chahat’s weight was still rapidly increasing. “Since she was about 6 months old, I can’t hold her because she’s heavy. Whenever I go out, my husband is the one to hold and take care of her,” Chahat’s mother said.

Sauraj and his wife’s greatest wish is for their daughter to be cured of the disease. “Even though it’s difficult, we will do our best to make her healthy again and able to play like normal children. We don’t want her to have trouble in the future. My wife and I will do everything we can for our children.”

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