A stray cat appeared to offer comfort to a tired nurse during his break

Flaty is a trainee nurse who is currently undergoing his internship program at a hospital located in Egypt.

Despite the rigorous nature of his job, Flaty is determined to persevere and is working tirelessly to complete his shifts with great drive and passion.

Stray cat cuddles up to nurse

Despite the limited number of breaks he has, a little kitten made an effort to bring comfort and re-energize Flaty during one of his rare moments of rest.

Flaty was sitting outside the hospital with one of his colleagues when a stray kitten approached him, climbed onto his lap, curled up, and fell asleep.

Stray cat sleeps on nurse's lap

Flaty was shocked but also deeply touched by the kitten’s trust in him, as stray animals in Egypt are often mistreated and therefore tend to be cautious around people.

However, this kitten was in search of affection and companionship and perhaps felt that Flaty was in need of some comfort as well.

The kitten spent 20 minutes sleeping in Flaty’s lap before getting up and walking away.

The impromptu cuddle session had a profound impact on Flaty, making him feel better than he had in months.

Flaty expressed to The Dodo that he had been working 12-hour shifts continuously for 20 days straight, but meeting the kitten made all of that seem like nothing.

The encounter was the highlight of Flaty’s year.

Although Flaty has not seen the kitten since their special moment together, he is keeping a lookout for her every time he goes on break and is deeply grateful for the peace and comfort she brought into his life.

Despite not seeing the stray kitten since their interaction, Flaty continues to keep a lookout for her during his breaks at the hospital. He expresses his gratitude towards the peaceful and calming feeling the kitten brought him.

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This touching story has resonated with many people.



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