A Stray Cat Sought Shelter from the Cold by Knocking on a Woman’s Door

On Valentine’s Day, a woman was in her backyard when she heard a crying sound. She went to investigate and found an orange tabby cat standing in the snow and looking distressed. The cat began to paw at the door of the woman’s house, meowing loudly as if it was trying to ask for her help.

Stray cat asks to come inside

The woman was a foster volunteer with Un Chat à la Fois, a kitten rescue organization located in Quebec, and she quickly messaged Marie Simard, the founder of the organization. The woman informed Simard that she knew they were not taking in adult cats, but the cat’s appearance and cries had touched her heart.

Upon receiving the message, Simard was immediately moved by the photo of the cat. She could see the look of desperation on the cat’s face and knew it needed help. She instructed the woman to take the cat to their partner clinic for evaluation.

Aslan the stray cat gets evaluated at vet

At the clinic, the veterinarian determined that the cat was in a dire state. It was covered in bite wounds, fleas, and ticks, and had been suffering from frostbite, rotten teeth, and diabetes. If the stray cat had not come to the woman’s door for help, it most likely would not have survived another winter in its condition.

Simard knew that the cat was asking for help at just the right time, and she was grateful that the woman was there to answer its call. She was also thankful that the partner clinic was able to provide the necessary care and attention the cat needed to recover and start a new life.

“Despite being in a fragile state, the cat was overjoyed to be surrounded by people once again. According to Simard, the cat was extremely friendly and affectionate towards the employees at the clinic, extending its paw out of its cage in hopes of receiving pets and affection.”

“Simard named the cat Aslan, inspired by the lion character from the popular “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. After a few days of medical treatment at the clinic, Aslan’s health improved and he was placed in a foster home where he quickly formed strong bonds with his foster mother’s other cats.”

Aslan the rescue cat makes friends at his foster home

“Aslan’s foster mother noticed that he was an incredibly affectionate cat, who loved to cuddle close to her and express his gratitude for being in a safe and warm environment.”

“When it came time to find Aslan a permanent home, his foster mother struggled with the idea of separating him from his sister and fellow rescue cat, Cleo. The two cats had developed a close bond, grooming and sleeping next to each other, so it seemed fitting to let them stay together as two rescue cats who had overcome difficult experiences.”

“A year has passed since Aslan joined his forever family, and he has proven to be the best Valentine anyone could have asked for. He is a loving and affectionate companion who brings joy to everyone around him.”

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