A transgender man shares intriguing photos of his birth.

For a decade now, Danny Wakefield has been a dedicated advocate for the LGBT community. And now, he’s taking his activism to a new level by sharing his journey as a transgender man giving birth.
The experience of bringing a new life into the world is indescribable, but photographs capturing the moment of birth can transport us to that special moment. Recently, transgender activist Danny Wakefield gave birth to his daughter Wilder Lea after a 10-hour labor, and the photos of this powerful moment have touched many hearts.

In a series of six emotional photographs, Danny is seen sitting in an indoor pool, giving his all to deliver his baby naturally. The final frame captures the pivotal moment when he holds his baby for the first time, overcome with emotion as he cradles her against his chest. These touching images showcase the strength and beauty of the birthing experience, and Danny’s journey as a transgender man giving birth is an inspiring example of love and perseverance.

Danny shared, “This was the moment when my Wilder entered the world. She came so quickly after I started pushing that my labia tore, and I required five internal stitches. While they heal, I now have four ‘lips’ and I have never felt stronger from my battle wounds before.”

Prior to sharing the delivery photos, Danny also posted a video of himself pushing for the final time as he prepared for the arrival of his daughter. The video also draws attention to the fact that his partner, the baby’s mother, is present on one side of the pool, holding his hand while wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19. This serves as a reminder of the necessary precautions for anyone attending a delivery during the ongoing pandemic.

For those who wanted a closer look at the newborn’s expression, Danny also shared a touching snapshot of his daughter lying on his chest in a skin-to-skin embrace. Overwhelmed with emotion, the proud father exclaimed, “Everyone was right; this is the most incredible time of my life.”

For 10 years, Danny had been doing important work online to advocate for transgender body positivity. However, his experience of pregnancy and the physical changes to his body have given him a deeper understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by individuals who are plus-size parents.

In his latest article, which is currently a work in progress, Danny delves into a comprehensive analysis of the topic of plus-size parenting. Despite his baby still being in the womb, Danny speaks of the beauty he sees in his physique when he looks at his growing belly. He shares that the experience of pregnancy has allowed him to love his body on a deeper level.

“At first, as my body expanded during the pregnancy, I struggled with a lot of insecurity,” Danny shared. “A few months ago, during an emergency care visit, I was shocked to learn my weight had increased by 70 pounds. I felt ashamed and embarrassed by the number on the scale, and temporarily hated my body because of it.” However, Danny realized that as Brené Brown says, “Silence is a Petri dish for shame,” and so he spoke openly about his struggles.

Danny shared that he chose not to suppress his feelings of shame and instead held space for them. Through this process, he found that his shame slowly dissipated. “My body is beautiful and worthy, regardless of the number on the scale,” he emphasized. Danny also revealed that he used to receive regular compliments for being skinny three years ago, but what people didn’t know was that he was struggling with severe meth addiction and was actually very sick at the time.

Danny’s desire to end body shaming is shared by many other individuals who have experienced judgment and assumptions about their bodies. He urges people to stop commenting on other people’s bodies as it can be harmful and hurtful. Danny emphasizes that one never knows what someone else is going through or how close they are to death, regardless of how “nice” they may seem. He also addresses those who are struggling with addiction and encourages them to seek healing and to believe in their own worthiness of life. Danny believes that healing is possible and that one’s deepest desires can be realized.       

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