A Woman Who Is A Mum To Six Sons Has Revealed That She Is expecting Her Seventh Child At The Age Of 34

At the age of 24, the couple had their first child, and every year since then, they have welcomed a new son. They now have children ranging from 10 years old to one-year-old.

Ariel and her husband Michael got married in 2007, two years after meeting when she was 18 years old. After the loss of their first baby, they have been blessed with six boys. Ariel is currently 16 weeks pregnant with their seventh child and hopes to finally have a daughter. However, she stated that having a girl is not the sole reason for having more children, and she wants to experience the joys of a mother-daughter relationship. Ariel plans to have one or two children at a time and does not want a daughter solely for her appearance.

While Mike also hopes to have a daughter, Ariel has faced disappointment in the past regarding the gender of her pregnancies. She shared that she initially expected her first three children to be boys, and with the fourth, she felt a twinge of disappointment upon learning the baby’s gender. However, Ariel now cherishes all her six sons and wouldn’t trade them for anything, including a daughter.

Ariel had a feeling that her seventh child could be a girl, but she was uncertain. However, on December 4th, she was awakened in the middle of the night, thinking she needed to use the restroom, only to discover that she was in labor. Michael, her husband, quickly prepared the camera and birthing kit in their bathroom, as their midwife was unavailable. At 3:20 a.m., the couple welcomed their seventh child, and Ariel held the baby for a few moments before discovering that they had finally had a baby girl.

Despite Michael’s hunch, Ariel was surprised when they learned that their seventh child was a girl. She described feeling mostly shocked, and even Michael was taken aback by the news. Although their sons were excited, Ariel thinks they found it hard to believe. The video of their home birth, which captured their reaction to learning the baby’s gender, has gone viral with over 400,000 views.

Having already given birth to six boys, the Tysons were no strangers to childbirth and parenting. In fact, they had decided not to learn the gender of their last three children before their births. Ariel said she found it more enjoyable not to have any added pressure or expectations during her pregnancies. She believed that whoever they were blessed with would be perfect for their family, and this proved to be true for their seventh child as well.

After the initial surprise, the Tysons were filled with excitement about their new addition. The parents and brothers, all of whom were thrilled about having a baby girl, took on the role of loving and protective big brothers. The six older brothers, whose ages range from 10 to 1, are kind and enjoy spending time with their new sibling. Although their relationship may change as the baby grows, for now, they are treating her with the same care and affection as they would any new family member.

Despite having different personalities, the Tysons’ children are all excited to have a new baby sister in their family. Some of them enjoy being hands-on and taking care of her, while others like to interact with her during their daily routines. Ariel sees her role as a mother as crucial in helping each of her children thrive and reach their full potential. The family follows a philosophy of teaching their children to be respectful, kind, strong, and compassionate leaders with integrity based on biblical standards while also fostering their individuality and talents.

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