After 16 Miscarriages, This 38-Year-Old Woman Finally Gave Birth To Twins.

A woman who believed she had miscarried her quadruplets has shared her incredible journey of discovering she was still pregnant with twins after receiving a visit from her late grandfather in a dream.

After enduring 16 miscarriages over a span of 20 years, Emma White, a 38-year-old woman from Liverpool, decided she would never try again to avoid further heartbreak. However, everything changed when she met her current husband, Joe White, a 41-year-old jewelry importer, in 2019. They both shared the desire to have children.

Despite experiencing more miscarriages, Emma became pregnant again. Unfortunately, at six weeks, she began experiencing bleeding and uncontrollable shaking, which turned out to be a confirmed ectopic pregnancy. Emma had to undergo emergency surgery, during which one of her fallopian tubes had to be removed. Additionally, a blockage was discovered in another fallopian tube, but it was successfully cleared, allowing her pregnancy to continue.

Both Joe and Emma were overjoyed when they received the unexpected news of naturally conceiving quadruplets. A private scan confirmed that their four babies were progressing well after a week. However, at nine weeks, Emma began experiencing profuse bleeding and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, fearing she was losing her pregnancy.

As she stood up, she felt something fall out, and upon looking down, she was confronted with what she could clearly recognize as tiny babies. Due to the ongoing bleeding, the hospital staff couldn’t perform an internal scan, but an external scan revealed no signs of pregnancy.

Emma recounted, “The medical professionals informed me that it seemed like I had miscarried. I was aware they were correct because I had witnessed the babies myself. I knew they were gone.”

In a touching twist, Emma had a significant dream where her late grandfather, David, appeared to her and reassured her that the babies were still present.

Emma, determined and hopeful, made her way to the hospital and insisted on undergoing a scan. She shared that she had a subsequent dream where she experienced being pregnant again. Emma vividly described, “I abruptly woke up from the dream. My grandfather passed away when I was only four, and I rarely have such dreams. A miraculous scan revealed that Emma was indeed still carrying two babies.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome occurs when one twin dies in the uterus, and the remaining embryos are typically absorbed by the body. In Emma’s situation, she had lost one twin from each set of identical twins, resulting in two non-identical twins remaining. With this astonishing revelation and already being 12 weeks pregnant, Emma returned home to share the overwhelming news with a shocked Joe. Even now, as the girls reach three months old, it still feels like an incredible miracle.

Describing the rest of her pregnancy as “amazing,” Emma was induced at 37 weeks and gave birth to two healthy girls. Aurora Azalea weighed 5 pounds and 2 ounces, while Ophelia Lili weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces. The delivery took place on October 2, 2021, at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

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