All-out war(Jan 02) Russian troops defeated the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade of Ukraine in Donetsk

ussian foreign troops defeated the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade of Ukraine and Donetsk eliminating up to 60 military personnel announced in a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Igor Kanoshenkov added the spokesman also in that People’s Republic but in the South as a result of a clash with enemy units in protistafka and espanofka districts more than 70 ukrainian servicemen for armored fighting vehicles and two pickups were knocked out while in krasnogorovka in prechistafka also in danetsk two ukrainian self propelled guns two C1 vastica were destroyed in firing positions said kanoshenkov form be howitzers and two D20 howitzers were also destroyed in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bcupianskarkov region in velake Novo sialha

All-out war(Jan 02) Russian troops defeated the 79th Airborne Assault  Brigade of Ukraine in Donetsk - YouTube

Donetsk and novagree haravka curse in the province the spokesman said that a foreign position was discovered in a US-made M77 artillery system that was destroyed along with his crew The piece was used to attack residential neighborhoods of Donetsk City, he said, in addition, the Russian Armed Forces sabered another M77 artillery system near the town of Prio Brazenka Saporizi region I don’t know artillery and missile troops attacked the command post of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Army near chromatarskin Donetsk,

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as well as 67 artillery units and firing positions personnel and military equipment in 89 areas, the senior military official also reported that the spokesman detailed that the units Russian forces destroyed an Urigan multiple-missile launcher and two other Grad missile launchers in the Lagonsk and Danette People’s Republics Russian forces intensified further and artillery attacks on the recently liberated city of Curson in southern Ukraine on Wednesday, the Ukrainian army while also exerting constant pressure along the front lines in the eastern regions of the country.

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Yes, Russia fired 33 missiles from various rocket launchers at civilian targets cursing in the 24 hours until early Wednesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in its Morning Rep. Russia denies targeting civilians. Heavy fighting also persisted around the now largely ruined Ukrainian-controlled town of Bachman in the eastern Donetsk province. Air-raid sirens also sounded in Ukraine on Wednesday morning, officials said, though there were no reports of any missile attacks and an all-clear later. Reports on Ukrainian social media said the national alert may have been declared after Russian planes parked in neighboring Belarus took off from abroad.

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The Defense Ministry said in its latest update on the military situation in Ukraine that Russia had likely reinforced the criminal section of the front line as it is logistically important to Moscow and has become relatively vulnerable following recent Ukrainian advances further west. . Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski is vigorously pushing a 10-point peace plan that calls for ges Russia fully respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity by withdrawing all its troops, but the Kremlin on Wednesday rejected the plan, reiterating its position that

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Ukraine should accept annexation. of Russia announced in September after referendums rejected by kyiv and the west of four Ukrainian regions, Luhansk and Donetsk in the East and Kirsten and Zaparasia in the south Russian forces abandoned the city of Curson last month in one of the biggest gains strategically important Ukraine in the son of war region located at the mouth of the mighty Dinipro River and serving as the gateway to the Russian annexed Crimea the joy of Curson residents over the liberation of the city has quickly given way to the fear amid relentless Russian shelling from the east bank of the denipro and many have fled from the l Wednesday’s report.


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The Ukrainian general staff also reported more Russian shelling in the gap region and in the Sumi and Kharkiv regions of North-East Ukraine there has been very little change in terms of the f front line, but the enemy pressure has intensified both in terms of the number of men as well as the type and amount of equipment. Ukrainian military analyst Ola Jadanov said Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine on February 24, calling it a special military operation to demilitarize his neighbor that he said posed a threat to Russia.

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