Allergic to Cats? Man Finds Street Kitten and It Changes His Life

A Man Allergic to Cats Finds a Little Kitten on the Street

Imagine being allergic to cats but coming across a tiny, helpless kitten on the street. This is exactly what happened to a man whose compassion outweighed his allergies. He couldn’t bear to leave the kitten alone, so he scooped him up and brought him to Kēnya, a local pet groomer, for help.

A Desperate Situation

The man knew he couldn’t take the kitten home due to his allergies, but he also couldn’t bear to abandon the little furball. He sought help from Kēnya, hoping she could assist him in finding a safe place for the kitten.

Kēnya, being an animal lover herself, immediately set up a spot for the kitten in her pet grooming shop. She made calls and searched online to see if anyone had reported a missing cat in the area where the kitten was found. She even drove around the neighborhood to check for missing cat posters. Unfortunately, no one came forward to claim the kitten, and he didn’t have a collar or a microchip.

A Temporary Home

With no owner found, Kēnya decided to take the kitten home for the night. She told her family that the kitten would stay just temporarily until they could find him a suitable home. Little did they know that the kitten had other plans in mind.

Love at First Sight

The moment the kitten arrived at Kēnya’s home, he won the hearts of everyone, including the family’s resident puppy named Edward and their older cat named Baby Cat. The ginger kitten immediately formed a bond with the gentle and friendly Edward.

“They acted like they were long lost brothers and immediately started playing and snuggling and just wanted to be around each other all the time,” Kēnya shared with a smile.

Even Baby Cat, who had never been fond of kittens before, seemed to have a change of heart. Perhaps it was the similar markings on their coats, but Baby Cat took on the role of a protective big brother, caring for the kitten as if he was his own family.

Continuing the Search

Despite the kitten’s growing bond with the family and their pets, Kēnya didn’t give up on trying to find the kitten’s owner. She kept checking online Lost Pets posts and local shelters for any updates. However, weeks went by without any luck.

“A couple of weeks have gone by now, and I still check for posts, but there has been nothing,” Kēnya shared. By this time, no one in the family wanted to give up the kitten, especially considering the strong bond he had formed with their other pets in such a short period of time.

Finding a Forever Home

Realizing that the kitten had already become an irreplaceable part of their family, Kēnya’s daughter decided to name him Popsicle. It was a perfect fit for the adorable and sweet kitten with a heartwarming story.

Popsicle now has a forever home with Kēnya and her family, where he is surrounded by love and care. It’s amazing how a chance encounter with a little kitten on the street has brought so much joy and happiness to everyone involved.

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