Amazing Birth Story: Mother Gives Birth to 11-Pound Baby Who Outgrows Newborn Clothes

In Berkshire, a mother welcomed her baby girl, Annie, who weighed a remarkable 11lb 5oz at birth. This made her the heaviest baby born at the hospital this year, leaving her mother, Grace, feeling surprised. Grace, 38 years old, shared that although Annie arrived earlier than expected via a planned C-section at 37 weeks, her size exceeded their expectations, resembling that of a newborn baby at four months old. Despite the initial shock, Grace is a proud mother of her lovely daughter Annie.

In Berkshire, Grace, a dedicated mother, gave birth to her daughter Annie four months ago through a planned C-section at 37 weeks. To everyone’s surprise, Annie weighed 11lbs 5oz, surpassing expectations and resembling the size of a one-month-old baby. Grace had anticipated a large baby but had estimated around 9lbs 2oz. Holding her newborn in her arms, Grace witnessed Annie being weighed beside her, confirming that she was the largest baby born at the hospital this year.

At Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, Grace and her boyfriend were taken aback by Annie’s weight, along with the hospital staff. Grace described the moment, saying, “When Annie was weighed, we were all surprised. She is absolutely beautiful. My partner was amazed; he knew that growth scans can be inaccurate, so he had guessed she would weigh around 8lb 12oz. We couldn’t help but laugh and admire our precious daughter.”

The proud parents revealed that their baby was born at a size comparable to a toddler, weighing three times more than average infants. As a result, their little one required clothing intended for six-month-old babies. While the father prepares his meals by chopping vegetables and boiling pasta, he assures that it is done safely. They generously donated all of their newborn clothes to the hospital, as evident from the fact that they couldn’t even fasten the top button due to their baby’s size.

Grace, who already has two children named Oliver and Albert, shared that both of them were born at significantly lower weights compared to Annie. Oliver weighed 8lb 10oz, while Albert weighed 8lb 4oz. Grace humorously mentioned that she has no plans to have any more children, as she jokingly imagines the potential weight of the next one. Instead, she wants to prioritize her focus on losing weight.



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