An elderly woman’s final wish was fulfilled when her cat came to say goodbye at the hospital

Disclaimer: We will not wipe away your tears, so go grab your tissues.

Pets have a more sensitive intuition than humans do, and they can really sense your feelings, smell the mood, and do their best to create a comfortable and loving space for their owners, especially during end-of-life moments. Being with us and knowing that we love them unconditionally every day, even on the worst days, nothing can break the strong bond between owners and pets.

There were a few touching images on Imgur – an elderly woman was lying down with her orange cat Oliver, and the cat did not stop looking at her and nuzzling his head in the crook of her arm before she passed away – this stole a lot of pet owners’ tears and made them want to hug their pet friends right now. The images were shared on Imgur with the caption:

“Her dying wish was to see her best friend Oliver the cat one last time to say goodbye.” – nani17

Her grandson took great efforts to fulfill her final wish before she approached the end. The hospital staff knew that the woman had no more than a few days left to live, so they allowed the family to bring Oliver to say goodbye, even just one more time.

Anyone who has ever had pets or has pets would understand and feel these intensely moving images between two harmonizing souls but in different forms. The woman was able to rest in peace with a loving look of her feline friend – Oliver. Hopefully, they will be reunited in the future in a paradise without any pain or suffering.

The images touched the hearts of many people, as they reminded them of the strong bonds between pets and their owners and the love and comfort that pets can bring, even during the hardest moments of life.

The story of the elderly woman and her cat Oliver reminds us that pets are not just animals, but also our faithful friends, who are always there to comfort us and bring us joy, no matter what. They are truly a gift from heaven.

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