Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg clash on Twitter

I’m looking forward to it being time to reveal today’s top jerks in Britain and the Union, so let’s see who my panel has nominated tonight. Let’s start with you, Adam, if we can, who has chosen you to be the best of Britain and why he is an honorary. Britain, uh, it’s Elon Musk, uh, for continuing to reveal the truth about how Twitter suppressed and covered up the truth during the US elections and during the age of greed. out in the open and it feels like we’re getting the truth he’s a little weird he’s a little weird he definitely is but he’s quirky i think he’s good with ralph and weird i mean he’s obviously hyper hyper smart yes some of the things he says i think which is very funny.

Andrew Tate roasted by Greta Thunberg on Twitter after message about owning  33 cars
I have to be honest yeah I really hope he’ll lend me a few pounds too so yeah obviously Dan’s shows are moving now these can be british fees which are good so obviously we’ve got Elon Musk amy Who would you certainly nominate, not Elon Musk and I’m not going to nominate Greta Timberg of Great Britain honorary and for the absolute victory of her on the internet today? Andrew Tate, a renowned feminist, approached her and contacted her that he has all these cars and stuff and what is he going to do about it, and she replied: yes, please inform me, send me a message. email with a little beep of energy at, yeah, well, we don’t actually have to turn off the power of a little penis because we don’t, because I think it’s fun. because i think we thought little sweet went to thundberg and uh and i think she actually um i think she has a very dry sense of humor and i think she shared a very mature sense of humor um yeah come on enlighten me because here he was this guy making fun of she basically look at my big car collection yeah he was making fun of her that was a really good answer so she’s your biggest honoree and Dawn what about you?

El rifirafe viral de Greta Thunberg y Andrew Tate a propósito de los 33  coches del kickboxer
I’m going to be even creepier than you oh it takes him doing me I’m actually going to nominate Dan Wootton and the GB news team behind this show because I think they’ve included the company present. I think they’ve done a crafting job all year. very hard and the team especially mentions David and Dan talking about exactly what I was going to say, you know, since most of the time I’m a viewer of the professional show, so it’s really lovely to be able to sit down, but I think it looks the one. something GB news does very well huh what nobody seems to do is actually have a debate for people who are on all sides of the political persuasion sit down have a cup of tea and a drink we can talk about things, bring it out.

Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at" -  Greta Thunberg blasts Andrew Tate after bragging about having 33 cars

and sometimes you learn things well and we actually laugh when we leave the studio absolutely yeah well that just shows you have a great plan actually debate we actually hate them she hits me back so hard at the party Christmas I think this might be interesting let’s move on to Union n uh jerk and why once again Adam my union jerk is Jeremy Hunt the chancellor. us behind and behind our European neighbors and it has made me quite pessimistic about the future under his role so maybe he is not the ex-checker conservative chancellor you were imagining he is definitely not someone I would have chosen as chancellor ok , uh Amy um that’s the one I mentioned earlier I actually called him a feminist with tongue firmly in cheek because he’s Andrew Tate um he gives me an example of everything a man shouldn’t be and if he says so I suggest you do quite the opposite and that’s the advice i give my son it’s vile so you’re not a fan then i think it’s ok i mean i have to say look i think what he said sometimes i think these people a bit like Clarkson last week shot himself in the foot. t I think he really shot himself in the foot when she said that she wanted to move to Romania so she could easily sexually assault women.

Andrew Tate stichelt auf Twitter – Greta Thunberg kontert eiskalt
He said yes, he was fine? I mean it’s just ridiculous. to throw you that curveball which is cool and that’s why actually greta thunderberg’s response to him was actually funny smart witty short and to the point what about you dawn? I still don’t know who she is. I’ll have to look it up there. it’s a new level of awful and a lot of young people are taking it well he’s a huge social media star he’s been on here he’s been on other channels and he shouldn’t be I’m so far behind but my nomination is someone I’m also a little lazy about whose is it h from Step yeah no yeah who trended huh not my generation love he trended on twitter and I was looking up what was trending and I found out he blocked me I even know who he is because he blocked him yeah but it’s not my thing ok so he blocked me even though I’m only vaguely aware of who he is but evidently he seems to have blocked he has blocked 300k people apparently yes or most of them were women, people who talked about being like what a woman is and this is a guy who paid two women to have babies on his behalf.

Andrew Tate provoca Greta Thunberg: la pesante risposta dell'attivista
I’ve never interacted with him, but I’ve obviously talked about women not having penises, so I’ve obviously been on his block. um. I’m not somehow. just, no, I was going to say, so do you think women have penises? I think some women do, we’re going to finish soon. going out is that the record of why he’s doing something a little controversial but anyway but no he doesn’t have one going out it’s just because you just wanted a block I think what happened was he paid a company to making sure certain accounts couldn’t see their content and they just got very carr If he knew Dawn would unblock you right away of course yeah I think he would keep you locked out yeah he would keep me locked out all day.

Pop Base on Twitter: "Greta Thunberg claps back at Andrew Tate after he  asked for her email address so he could send his car emissions." / Twitter
I’m just going to pick you up just so you can apologize because when you said you would, you should never do anything that man says or he shouldn’t be allowed on any shows if you block people and cancel people. so you just add fuel to the fire, you don’t platform certain people on certain views that you don’t have, but in a way that’s the culture of the Council, what people always say and that’s why these people become so popular, well why not? we just put like you know sex

Greta Thunberg on Twitter: "Some of my speaches have been released as a  book by Penguin Random House. It's out now. All of my earnings will go to  charity. Just like the

offenders and i like all different kinds of people but he’s not a sex offender anyway that’s a nice way to end and that was so wait so now i have to choose of course who i think of your lovely suggestions there so i would actually say no no no no i really would agree so i said i’m going to pick that the GB news team, don’t let the whole team be some kind of leak ass just because I think they do a great job of debating exactly what we do now which is surely what people are doing at home they do in their pubs yeah , and they are doing it in the streets, okay, that’s what we need, it’s the People’s Channel, remember that no, it’s the People’s Channel and we want debate Left Right Center wherever it is what it is about surely uh and then i would say for union jackass i have to say i had to go Jeremy Hunter I mean most people yes yes rhyming slang is unfortunate of course no I know and I’m not. going there, Dawn, so don’t worry, but I think most people have been.

Greta Thunberg on Twitter: "Boo. #halloween" /  Twitter
I think Jeremy Hunt has lost a lot of Conservative votes and he was a terrible choice for Chancellor. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how. it develops in the next few months, so let’s hope for some good news, but Dawn, thank you. Adam, thank you, thank you, Amy, thank you very, very, very much.

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