At only six months old, a baby born with a full head of hair now has EIGHT INCH locks

A baby girl who was born with a full head of hair is now captivating people with her astonishing eight-inch-long locks that continue to grow rapidly at just six months old. Natalie Moore, a 33-year-old mother, often finds herself being stopped by amazed passers-by on the street, who are in awe of her daughter, Katherine Mary Matthews.

To manage the incredible growth rate, the adorable toddler has already had her dark mane trimmed. Currently, her head is adorned with eight inches of hair, requiring regular brushing and blow-drying by Ms. Moore to maintain its shape and volume.

While it is common for babies to lose their hair during the first six months before it grows back, Katherine’s hair has defied expectations by continuously growing longer. “When she was born, we were amazed by the amount of hair she had, and it has just kept growing ever since,” said Ms. Moore, a full-time mother of three.

“She’s quite a handful even though she can’t stand up yet, so I have to brush her while she lies on her stomach,” said Ms. Moore. “We’ve trimmed her fringe and make sure to wash her hair every day. It seems to be growing longer and longer, especially now that we have to use a hairdryer.”

“We measured it from the crown, and in some places, it reached eight inches. I can’t go anywhere without strangers stopping me and exclaiming, ‘Oh my god, I’ve never seen a baby with that much hair!’ At the doctor’s surgery, they even refer to her as ‘the baby with all the hair.'”

“With the warm weather, I’ve been keeping her hair fresh. She can tolerate having the hairdryer on for a short period. Rinsing and drying her hair does take some extra time. A few months ago, I trimmed her fringe, but it’s starting to grow back again.”

“It has grown past her neck and shoulders now. I don’t feel like cutting it off at the moment. I’d like to see how long we can let it grow before she decides she’s had enough. She is a well-behaved baby, and I simply see her as my beautiful girl. She’s used to me brushing her hair now, so we’ll continue growing it and see how long it gets.”

Ms. Moore and her boyfriend, Anthony Matthews, 31, were amazed when their daughter Katherine was born with a full head of jet-black hair.

Interestingly, long hair seems to be a trait in their family as well. Ms. Moore, from Wordsley, West Midlands, mentioned, “When she was born with a full head of hair, many people thought it would fall out, but it just kept growing.”

“While her dad has black hair, she takes after me a lot. When I was four, I had such long hair that I could even sit on it. I was also born with a full head of hair, just like my mom and dad, so it seems to be a genetic trait. Her sister Scarlett is seven, and her brother Anthony is two, and they also had some hair when they were born, but it fell out before growing back.”

“I also adore her beautiful blue eyes, which she inherited from me, my mom, and my dad. I’m not exactly sure about our genetic lineage as we haven’t extensively traced our family tree, but as far as I know, we are just an ordinary British family.”

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