At the age of 13, while surfing, she was bitten on the arm by a shark and now she shares her life story with her child and husband

Bethany lost her arm to a shark while surfing at the age of 13. Share her inspiring story with the readers.

Bethany and her husband, Christian youth minister Adam Dirks, shared this adorable photo of themselves holding their newborn son on Instagram. While surfing in Hawaii, 13-year-old Bethany had her left arm caught in a shark’s mouth. Despite her traumatic experience, she continues to surf today.

“We are delighted to announce the birth of our second son, Tobias. He is named after his great-grandfather de él Tobias, whose name means ‘The Kindness of God’,” she wrote in the photo’s caption.

Hamilton, who is 25 years old, and Dirks, who married in 2013, are eager to begin their new life with their son Tobias. Tobias was born on June 1, weighed 7.9 pounds, and measured 21 inches in length, according to the provided information. During her pregnancy, Hamilton continued to surf and maintained an active lifestyle by swimming.

“Swimming is my favorite form of exercise in the later stages of my pregnancy. It feels so wonderful to be in the water and to be able to move with complete ease,” she revealed. “I’ll always strive to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.”

Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer, announced the birth of her second child, Wesley Phillip Dirks, and hailed God for providing her with another healthy child. On October 8, she announced her second pregnancy.

“We are delighted to announce the birth of our son, Wesley Phillip Dirks! It has been a joy to begin our lives with the other three!,” she captioned a photo of her growing family. “We are thankful to God for our two little boys!!!

“Adam and I are beyond ecstatic!!! And Tobias seems delighted as well; he gives daily baby kisses!” she wrote on her website. “We are grateful to be able to expand our family and bring even more pleasure to life. To become Tobias’ parents has been such a beautiful voyage. We adore the pleasure and challenges he brings to our lives, and he’s certainly prepared for a sibling.”

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