Passengers left stranded after Southwest Airlines cancels thousands of flights


But we start with Sky High, the anger and frustration of travelers who are trying to fight anywhere Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,600 flights yesterday, that’s two-thirds of its scheduled routes compared to Delta United American and JetBlue had fewer With a combined 200 cancellations yesterday after frigid weather hit air travel hard over … Read more

Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg clash on Twitter

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I’m looking forward to it being time to reveal today’s top jerks in Britain and the Union, so let’s see who my panel has nominated tonight. Let’s start with you, Adam, if we can, who has chosen you to be the best of Britain and why he is an honorary. Britain, uh, it’s Elon Musk, … Read more

Lakers Concerned About Making Mistake With Win-Now Trade?


Hello Lakers Nation. Are the Lakers concerned about compounding mistakes by making another win now move? And could that prevent them from making a trade this season? I’m Trevor Lane for Lakers Nation. Subscribe right here to the Lakers Nation YouTube channel. All right Jovan Booyah wrote the other day for the Athletic that the … Read more

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