Baby Designs Body with Noodles During Self-Feeding, Video Becomes Viral with 2 Million Likes

A baby who attempted self-feeding with noodles has become a sensation on TikTok.

The video of the infant went viral after being posted on December 5 by Kitchen Kun Suda, gaining 29 million views.

While trying to feed himself, the baby ended up covering his body in noodles.

Photos of a baby with noodles on his body.

Long noodles could be seen draping from his head, shoulders, belly, face, and other parts of his body.

The baby becomes popular after creating an artistic design with noodles on his body.

There was a plate in front of him, but more noodles could be seen on his body than in the plate.

Despite the mess, the baby persevered and still held onto some noodles, as evidenced by his moving mouth as he chewed.

The baby continued to try to feed himself, showing determination in his self-feeding efforts.

Reactions from TikTok users

@Baskaran Ramiah258 said:

“Hi baby. What are you doing?”

@Guinevere asked:

“Baby what’s happening to you.”

@James Sunday said:

“Haha wonders shall never end. What is this? All for is eating?”

@martin.f.Austria said:

“Still life with noodles.”

@ʜᴇɴᴅʀᴇʏ94 said:

“Hhhaha what happened baby? What are you doing?”

@Mukisa Ivan commented:

“Well-done little one!!!”

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