Birthmark in the shape of a heart was present on a cute baby boy

Ci̇nar, with his unique heart-shaped birthmark, captures the attention of everyone he meets. His parents, Murat and Ceyda, adore him and see him as a special gift from God.

As he grows into a lovely toddler, people can’t help but smile and feel the love that radiates from him. Ci̇nar’s birthmark has made him famous among their friends and medical staff at the hospital, who affectionately call him the “Hearted Boy.”

Experts explain that birthmarks are not uncommon in newborns, appearing as red, purple, or beige blemishes caused by abnormal blood vessels under the skin. However, they are not inherited and the reason for their appearance is still unknown.

Some birthmarks may fade or disappear as the child grows. While nobody in their families has a birthmark like their son’s heart-shaped one, the parents love how unique their son is and hope that the birthmark doesn’t fade away.

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