Carlos Correa BACK to the Twins reportedly!! (Correa, Twins reach deal, pending physical)

Shortstop Carlos Correa and the Minnesota Twins finalize a six-year, $200 million contract. Sources tell ESPN the deal’s investment option can go as high as $270 million. He is still pending a physical. a resolution on him and the Mets wow we just opened our email your thoughts your reaction Harold well when you heard the twins were back I knew the Mets weren’t comfortable it was going to be a deal short term and I kept saying if he says hey it’s five years

Carlos Correa and the Minnesota Twins 'are finalizing a $200m, six-year deal...  pending a PHYSICAL' | Daily Mail Online

I think other clubs join so the awkward part of going out 10 years was trying to secure it and do you need the to do you need the to be able to stretch the tax from luxury but more the twins don’t fit into that category they just had it clearly they’re going to do their own physical again this is all a pending physical so they’re comfortable with that and that’s where we end up yes we hear the twins but still well kind of thinking around here, maybe something would work out.

Carlos Correa reportedly headed back to Minnesota Twins on six-year,  $200million deal

You know, yesterday I felt like the Mets are out. You said that because you said that as time goes by, something just isn’t right. something for so long eventually you go to this is not the type they had he had been known you know the twins had it for a year so they are much more comfortable when you go to another team another situation and you take all this time too many conversations going on because it’s not just now all of a sudden you start getting advice from everyone it’s like when you go to buy that car and after you’ve lingered on it for about a week I’m coming back everyone told you your cousin your mom you’re handsome you know like what i mean and that’s what happened i think the longer you sit here with people who don’t know you the more conversations you have and then in the end i think the Mets are like we’re out JP morosi been following this story very closely l We welcome you in JP reaction to this news a few moments ago good morning good Lauren and Harold this is how we think Correa’s story ends and again Harold said some very words and important there still pending physical I think here we are January 10th this is where Korea will be spending the

Reports: Correa to return to Twins in six-year deal |

foreseeable future and according to Harold the twins know their medicals better than anyone this was the only team that would have had the information more recent. season which was obviously when the scare of this ankle problem came up again in Korea on its own at the end of the season he had felt a vibration in the plate that is on his ankle and that is what started this whole Saga with the Giants , the Mets now go back to the Minnesota Twins and you consider where he went with the aav and this is an important number despite everything that was going on and where the aav could have been with the Giants and the Mets and the reality is that only two contracts in baseball history for a shortstop were higher than the $33.3 million he just signed for in this aav one was Correa’s short-term contract with the twins that he opted out of.

Twins finalizing 6-year, $200M deal with shortstop Carlos Correa - CBS  Minnesota
Still at this point the record ended up being just a one year deal and then Lindor at 34 was second highest and now this one despite all the going back and forth actually got a better aav than the dealer turned down of the Tigers. now what seems like an old story after the 2021 season which was 275 out of 10. So despite all of this he did pretty well with this contract now he was with the team he wanted all along he will probably say reality was that he certainly had an

Le pour et le contre de la signature de Carlos Correa par les Cardinals si  les Mets se d├ęsistent | En cause

agreement, at least in principle, with two other franchises, so he was clearly interested in going elsewhere, but the reality was the comfort of the people there, the medical staff who knew Kim, knew his body and what it takes to get her ready to play every day is going to be where she plays for the predictable feature and both twins still Lauren has a legitimate path to the playoffs she’s in a division that obviously isn’t as challenging as the East of the National League if you consider it fighting with people like them, we still have a chance to make the playoffs this year

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