Cat Celebrates That She Managed To Have Her 7 Babies Born In A Safe And Comfortable Place

Amity, the resilient cat, was overjoyed to see her seven babies born in a safe and comfortable place. She had been rescued just in time before giving birth and was brought to a veterinary facility in Brisbane where she received all the care she needed. The team at the facility immediately contacted Best Friends Felines, a rescue organization they collaborate with, to provide ongoing care for the new mom and her kittens.

Amity quickly adapted to her new environment, enjoying good food and the tender loving care of her rescuers. A volunteer remarked on her unique beauty, with her calico coat and mesmerizing blue eyes, a sight they had never seen before in their years of experience with cats.

As soon as Amity went into labor, she insisted on having her caretaker by her side to assist with the birth of her kittens. She gave birth to five kittens initially, but an hour later, to everyone’s surprise, a sixth kitten arrived. Since Amity showed no interest in cleaning up the newborn, her guardian took on the task.

But the surprises didn’t end there. The foster mother soon realized that there were more babies than she had anticipated, as she did a double-take and counted seven kittens in total. She quickly cleaned off the seventh baby, and Amity immediately latched on and started nursing.

Amity spent the next few days happily caring for her brood of seven kittens, nursing them and attending to their needs throughout the day. However, she experienced a decrease in appetite and some gastrointestinal issues that needed urgent attention. Fortunately, Georgina, a veterinarian and newborn caregiver, arrived to provide Amity with all the necessary medical care.

Amity was grateful to have her babies in a safe and comfortable place, and she reveled in the care and attention she received from her rescuers. She could finally relax and rest, knowing that her kittens were flourishing in their new home. Despite her challenging past as a street cat, Amity was now surrounded by love and support, and she cherished every moment with her precious kittens.

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