Cat Refuses to Leave Grandfather’s Side After Finding Out About Illness

Two months ago, Kelly Nugent, a resident of Florida, traveled to New York to take care of her father who was undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer. She brought along her 2-year-old cat, Sweet Potato, to offer support and comfort.

Cat helps Grandpa heal

Nugent’s father required 24-hour care during his recovery and Kelly wanted to be close to him. Her father is her best friend and she knew she had to be there for him.

Sweet Potato is not a certified therapy animal, but he offers the next best thing. Kelly describes Sweet Potato as the sweetest cat on earth with a dog-like personality. He loves everyone and enjoys being around people.


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Kelly’s father is a dog person and never owned a cat before. He did not view cats as loving or supportive animals. However, Sweet Potato changed his perception with his affectionate and caring nature.

In conclusion, Sweet Potato provided love and support to Kelly’s father during his recovery and helped change his perspective on cats as loving and supportive animals.

“As soon as we arrived at our destination and Sweet Potato got settled in, he immediately formed a strong bond with my father,” said Nugent. “Sweet Potato became completely devoted to him and to this day, they are inseparable. It is truly a heartwarming sight to see, as Sweet Potato seems to have a special sense for when my father needs him the most. He has taken on the role of being a caregiver and it is as if he knew from the start that this was his purpose.”

“My father has a recliner chair that he often sits in, and every time he does, Sweet Potato jumps up and snuggles in the armrest. He even sleeps in my father’s room and constantly wants to be near him, whether that means jumping on his keyboard while he’s working on his computer or sitting on his paperwork while he does his paperwork. It’s as if Sweet Potato wants to be a constant companion and support system for my father.”


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Nugent started sharing videos of Sweet Potato and her father on TikTok, and they quickly gained a large following. “When my father read through all the comments, he was so touched that so many strangers were rooting for him,” Nugent said.

Nugent and her father have a favorite joke about Sweet Potato and her father being twins due to their white mustaches. “We both find it hilarious that so many people say they look alike, and the matching mustaches just adds to the humor,” she said.

Since Sweet Potato has been by my father’s side, Nugent has noticed a significant improvement in his health. She truly believes that the emotional support and cuddles from Sweet Potato have had a major impact on her father’s well-being.

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