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Thanks we are going to pay a visit to USFA a company that many people know for its clones of the Colts single action revolver but also has its own developments and this pistol is a striking example for the way in which in its time it was the basis for A whole new brand … Read more

Detailed Tour of US $ Millions Most Deadliest Super A-10 Warthog

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Thank you US Air Force detailed tour attend Thunderbolt II Sarah forced to 10c Thunderbolt 2 demo team took delivery of a new 8275 series jet in September 2019 in anticipation of the 2020 Air Show season, the aircraft received a new paint scheme inspired by the 47 Thunderbolt and 51 World War II Mustangs … Read more

Dangerous ! : 2035 China will confront US fighter designs in the South China Sea

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Foreign vision 2035 Global response in the era of precision munitions in the rush to restructure the Marine Corps from a global Force focused on uncertainties to a regional Force focused on single-threat certainty China Navy Marine Corps divested of many of the capabilities needed to fight and win today and in the future the … Read more

This is NOT Your Grandpas 45-70!! | Tactical Lever-Action BEAST

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Whats going on everyone welcome back today is a very exciting day for me because we have finally completed one of my favorite rifles of all time and its been a ride as anyone with an instagram account knows well about stocks leverage tactics of recent years. They have become extremely popular and a while … Read more

Attack Helicopter Eurocopter Tiger ⚔️ Twin-Engine Multinational Airbus Helicopter

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Comes closer than any other to the realization of humanity’s longstanding fantasies of a flying horse and a magic carpet. The most dynamic and impressive sight is of its silhouette. known as the tiger is known as the Tiger in France and Spain. Early versions of the Tiger have several state-of-the-art features, such as a … Read more

The Fat Ugly Stealth Fighter that Almost Really Happened

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On December 14, 1999, Boeing engineers unveiled their newest prototypes, the x-32a and x-32b, built in record time. The latter was capable of short takeoffs and vertical landings and was developed using digital design and assembly methods. In 2001, Boeing prototypes went head-to-head. to win the defense advanced research projects agency’s massive Joint Strike Fighter … Read more

US Testing Its New $1.5 Billion 6th Generation Stealth Fighter

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Overseas, the Air Force is requesting $1.5 billion in 2022 to support its airborne-dominant sixth-generation stealth fighter jet program Airborne Next Generation, a massive jump from last year that signals growing enthusiasm and ambitious plans. for the new platform, while there are few to no details on the aircraft is likely to be available for … Read more

Meet The Newest Worth $4,500,000 Lamborghini Motor Yacht – Show Its Insane Ability

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This is Lamborghini technology number 63 Motor yacht with unique Italian design of course this motor yacht can fascinate us with its luxury Lamborghini and Italian maritime group present technommer world premiere for Lamborghini 63. the new engine of the tech number fleet yacht available in a limited edition in reference to the Lamborghini Foundation … Read more

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