Chicago Bears Get #1 Overall Pick In 2023 NFL Draft – Full Details + Trade Rumors?

Abroad we have breaking news here on the chicago bears now it’s not that they lost 29-13 that’s not breaking news the breaking news is that the bears lost and the texans won in dramatic fashion to give the chicago bears the number one pick in the 2023 NFL draft you’re watching Bears now I’m your host Harrison Graham long to get here we’ll talk briefly about these games but more importantly the fact that this team is about to embark on the biggest offseason in the his franchise story for a country mile we’ll discuss it all how excited are you about the number one pick if you’re excited write me in the comments below quarterback giving you flexibility in negotiating an amazing opportunity with over 110 million in low

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space the salary cap in this offseason so spam me in the comments if you’re excited about the Bears we’ll select s number one about all right uh let’s talk uh take a look how this happened is the Vikings took care of business against the Bears 29-13 Chicago as rotated quarterbacks we saw both Nathan Peterman uh and Tim Boyle in this one game when Peter man gained 11 of 19 114 yards and a touchdown guy Hill two of eight 33 hearts of two pigs uh Khalil Herbert finished with 50 yards uh rushing uh Bayless Jones actually had a 42 yard finish for a touchdown which was what highlight of the day a good end to the season for Cole gets to end up getting his seventh touchdown of the year he had two total at the start of the season so getting seven this year is nice growth from him for the Vikings you know, Pro performance, they get their 13th point of the year, they’ll be the number two or the number three seed in the NFC, but today’s focus was fine, could the Bears get the number one pick in the draft?

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The Avenue was simple, they had to win or they had to lose and for the Texans to win, well, they lost and the Texans were higher. from The game then they get to the Indianapolis Colts 31-24 but they win 32-20-31 we are going to explain how this happened so that the Texans were up 24-14 in this game Davis Mills throws a pick six that puts it 24-21 then the Colts get it back and score again they go up 28-24 and stop a field goal so it’s 31-24 it’s a 17 run and nothing for Indianapolis in about 10 minutes of game action but then the Texans turn on fourth down I think twice and the second was literally just a sentence thrown by Davis Mills the Colts safety with the ball and Jordan Akins pulled it up for a two point touchdown conversion nice Texans win I want say you can’t make it up how dramatic the end of that game was, uh honestly it’s a perfect ending to Jeff’s Saturday experiment in Indianapolis if we’re being honest but that’s

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what needed to happen for the Bears to get the number one pick now q We knew very early today that the Bears would at least get the second pick they weren’t going to uh beat Minnesota today but we started to get excited as the Texans up 17-7 up 24-14 and then it looked like they were going to blow it but in the end they get a miraculous touchdown two point conversion in range emotions just unbelievable here in chicago bears now show lovey smith love i mean shout out lovey smith huh for helping the bears here making chicago solid uh last Pretty solid coach the Bears have had with consistent success was Lovie Smith and uh Hey Ivy and Kudos lovey best beard the game the only beard I can say is better than my own Lovey Smith so spam lovey in the chats for helping out the bears that is truly an amazing thing to watch and now guys I understand it’s been a frustrating season but that’s why you signed up because the offseason coming up for the Chicago Bears is going to be historic. ica.

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I mean they have the number one pick for the first time since 1947, they have over $100.110 million in cap space and that number. can increase i If they cut certain players this offseason, make no mistake, it’s the biggest in franchise history, so subscribe, don’t miss out on any of that. don’t miss any of that, a couple more, not necessarily too specific to the game, but kind of thoughts on the end of the season, a couple of things I did today, Bayless Jones and around the touchdown, involving him more, the The last month of the season was it’s nice to see that he certainly had a frustrating rookie year and I don’t think he’s up there with being a third-round pick, but I think we’re starting to see signs of growth over the stretch of the season, obviously , Justin Fields was not playing today. was out with a hip injury Chase Claypool had a couple of good catches you know him on the field chemistry this offseason he needs to develop huh no question I mentioned Cole had four receptions 57 yards and a touchdown hey, what’s up Jaq? uan brisker ends his rookie year with a nice pass breakup gets 10 tackles so you know there were still some tangible things we saw today with players uh that do matter for the future uh but man focus is the number one pick money Rockets sponsor today’s show and, uh, listen, the Bears are going to spend more money if they keep the number one pick, so save money.

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I think it is the least likely. I would not take that path. Are you there? Are you? go for a King’s Ransom and you get more capital and another first round pick next year to pair with the one you already have and hopefully more high draft picks this year and you start to ramp up that offensive line, that defensive line, maybe you get another receiver. a corner. I mean, you have a lot of needs on this list, so for me, switching is the ideal choice. I used that number one pick, but I recently pointed out to you why it was so important to get the number one pick even compared to number two because what if the Houston Texans love young Bryce a lot more than the other quarterbacks? they can guarantee themselves that they’re making Bryce young if they trade to number one because the risk is, oh, you know, a spiritual thing, the quarterback will just sit on two, I guess another team could LeapFrog Houston and draft Young Bryce at number one, now the Bears control this, they have full control, they can do whatever they want when it comes to the NFL draft and teams will make calls because Bryce, young CJ Stroud, and Will Levis are kind of Pretty strong QB draft, especially in comparison.

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Until last year, last year you had Kenny Pickett Malik Willis Malik Willis has been terrible. Kenny Pickett has been solid, but I think a lot of teams last year waited for this year’s class because he said yeah, we don’t like that group last year. I’ll add other pieces throughout the format next year well you’ll see some teams that could be in the top 10 here as we currently have the Texans in two it’s one you might have Seattle which owns the Denver pick , they are currently at number three. right now Indianapolis with the number five pick and they’re locked into the fifth pick now they might be a prime trade candidate huh maybe Detroit at the sixth owning the Rams pick the Raiders they’re done with Derek Carr , they’re probably going to draft the quarterback unless they’re looking for a veteran, the Falcons could be a team at number eight Carolina at number nine, even a team like Tennessee at number 11.

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I mean there are teams Washington at on the 14th. I mean, teams are going to want to move up in this draft to take a quarterback and now that you have the number one pick, you hold the cards, you let the teams come to you and you’re patient and you wait for the biggest offer available. . I can’t put into words how Monumental this is getting pick number one pick number two would have been great don’t get me wrong but the difference between one and two is the actual belief is a big difference especially if they’re a team that he won’t consider drafting.

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Corps right now, I’ll say there could be a lot of smoke this offseason that the Bears love some of these draft quarterbacks, because then the teams that will also like those quarterbacks that they want to trade and make sure couples not selecting them so it’s g it’s going to be hectic it’s going to be fun today was a whirlwind um makes the last few months uh easier because we’ve seen some pretty bad football at times but now we switch to off-season mode and it’s going It’s going to be a journey and I hope you’ll be here and subscribe and join us for all of that.

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What would they do with the number one pick? What should the Bears do? Alright, team to change it, type K to keep it back. They know it depends on the offers, of course. but if you get loot I think trading it is the way to go because you have a lot of needs on this list so I’d like to trade it. I mean, look at some of the needs that you have. Offensive line you could use. guard Center tackle those three spots are needed expensive tackle and Edge you need to revamp your entire line d wide receiver corner linebacker um this list needs overall I mean you’ve got guys you’re going to keep of course but um you’ve got a lot of needs to fill and not all of them are going to fill this offseason but you’ll have a better chance of filling

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them in the short and long term if you trade up and get more assets so it’s going to be interesting I mean there’s going to be a lot of juicy buzz over the next couple of months and we’re going to cover all of this so there you go the bears have the number one pick in the draft after a 29-13 loss in 3 and 14 years I mean 10 straight losses in the years pretty tough but you get the number pick one, which makes this offseason very interesting and the potential for next season to be a team that makes a big turnaround, look at Jacksonville Jacksonville was horrible the Last year get the number one pick Trayvon Walker helps and they spend in free agency and all of a sudden they’re in the playoffs it can happen if the bears turn right and they get players in the draft that can help right away so we’ll see if they can do it. yelling honey at the texans once again they were able to take out the colts 32-31 ok one more reminder to subscribe as we’ll have more coverage we’ll have another video tomorrow probably just the latest rumors uh on pick number one, uh, and every other story surrounding this team right now. so go ahead and subscribe see you soon here at Bears now

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