Child born with skin resembling that of a 70-year-old man.

Tomm is an extraordinary baby, and the only known infant to be born with his skin condition. According to Geoff Tennent, Tomm’s father, who spoke with 60 Minutes Australia, “I was shocked when the baby was born, I didn’t expect a newborn to have such a condition.” Tomm’s mother also shared her experience, saying, “My heart was filled with fear and worry, but at the same time, I was thrilled to hold the baby.”

The cause of Tomm’s unique skin condition remains a mystery to scientists. Despite extensive research, they have been unable to determine what caused his skin to be so different and have instead chosen to let him grow up naturally. Tomm’s DNA has been extensively studied in an effort to understand his origin, but the enigma surrounding his condition remains unsolved.

He spent two and a half months in the hospital undergoing analysis and examination, posing a challenge for scientists as he is the first known child in the world with this condition.

Later, scientists discovered that Tomm’s condition was similar to that of the Shar-Pei breed of dogs in China, which provided some answers. The presence of amyloid deposits found in Tomm’s skin was disregarded by scientists since it was a common occurrence in his condition. Additionally, Tomm’s skin was one hundred times thicker than normal skin,

but the excess thickness was expected to gradually disappear, and his skin would return to its natural state. Doctors hoped and anticipated that this would be the case with Tomm, and fortunately, it was. His doctor, Andrew Ramsden, predicted that as Tomm grew older, his skin condition would almost disappear. As a result, as Tomm grew up from a young age, his thickened skin gradually disappeared.

Tomm’s health has been improving, and as a result, some of the fractures in his spine, legs, wrists, and feet are healing. Moreover, despite his initial appearance, Tomm has grown up to be a charming young man.

Unfortunately, while his mother Debbie, who works at a bakery, was sharing their story, someone made a derogatory comment suggesting that Tomm should not be taken out in public and should remain at home. This made Debbie understandably upset.

Tomm’s academic achievements are just as impressive as his personal story, and his parents are understandably proud of him. They have also stated that they have no expectations for their son to hide his condition or be ashamed of it. They believe in the progress of their society and hope that it will become more accepting and inclusive in the future.

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