College Football | Paul Finebaum [BREAKING] Georgia beat Ohio State ?-? to win Peach Bowl

Start the fourth quarter of the Peach Bowl Ohio State had a chance to win it with a 50 yard field goal that was nowhere near Noah Ruggles who was good from 25 and 48 earlier in the game but Georgia is the best dog. who are victorious as they continue their quest to get back to running become the first repeat National Champion since Alabama in 2011 and 2012 a great play by CJ Stroud who will be a first round pick in the NFL draft in 2023 four touchdowns had a Great play to set up the field goal, but it wasn’t enough as Stetson Bennett and the dogs Triumph Stetson Bennett is not the

Keys for Ohio State to defeat Georgia in the Peach Bowl

advertised quarterback in this game, he leads his team to victory four total touchdowns and a pair of big at the end to give Georgia another big win before and they’re back in the Geico national championship 15 minutes could save you 15 or more on auto insurance visit to see how much you could save here we’re welcome back in the old Louisiana hunt Running Back Emory are you kidding now? emery come on man you know im a buckeyes fan that was a bonkers game from a college football point of view that was wild from an ohio state fan point of view that sucked but for georgia now they have the chance to run it again what did you see in that Stetson Bennett quarter final to be able to put them in the lead, did you see the resolve of a guy who has played a lot of football, a lot of meaningful football and was able to stay in lockdown and march his team from football down the field and got the points I so badly needed.

Keys for Ohio State to defeat Georgia in the Peach Bowl
The score made some tight shots out the window. Excellent throw in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown. of plays that say Hey, that’s the kind of quarterback I want to run my football team. That’s the guy I can trust on Sundays to help me steer my ship down the field because what he did in this game was come back and also lead them down the field to get game winning points bow their heads. towards Stetson look what I did there but this is the guy who definitely got the job done tonight yeah I mean the big throw to Aaron Smith for 76 yards and then they get the ball back after a field goal and then find Adonai Mitchell in the back of the end zone to give them the lead.

Peach Bowl keys to victory: How Georgia and Ohio State will win College  Football Playoff semifinal
I mean, look, we’ve capped, people have counted the stats in bed his entire career and he continues to deliver in big games and now he’s got the dogs back. the national championship is alright as far as CJ Stroud look I don’t know more you could ask for the kid I mean four touchdowns he’s a projected first round pick he really showed he could come back and be the quarterback we were hoping for the Heisman finalist. he threw two picks in the michigan game it didn’t look very good his decision making was not good in this game he was a completely different quarterback what you saw of CJ Stroud since unfortunately the Buckeyes came up short he didn’t just show that he has all the requirements The passing skills you want to see in a Sunday quarterback he was also the leading rusher and his legs were the biggest story in this ball game how many times he gained time in the pocket how often he was able to go out and make plays with his legs was They lifted them down first as I was talking about him going downfield to get them in position to kick the game-winning field goal and I like the fact that he answered a ton of questions.

Georgia vs. Ohio State College Football Playoff Peach Bowl picks, odds
I love seeing the narrative shift online during the game because it goes from well you know CJ Strong can’t evade the pressure to he needs to be the number one overall pick, well just a couple hours ago Bryson should have been first general election, he’s kind of a lock for that. The number one overall rank now CJ Stroud is in that conversation, but to me I felt that because this is a guy who was so focused that he was so hell-bent on winning this game for Ohio State, I felt like Ryan Day went conservative on that last trip.

Ohio State vs. Georgia: Paul Finebaum believes Buckeyes will 'challenge'  Bulldogs in Peach Bowl
It helped you cr amplified by Georgia’s injuries, you didn’t even have to use your timeouts because Georgia had players that were injured, so you still could have been aggressive to push the ball even closer for a field goal or even go to the end zone. he played for the field goal and we saw how that played out for the Buckeyes well another critical moment and another critical story is the fact that Marvin Harrison Jr got injured late in the third quarter on a play in the back of the End Zone was initially thought to be targeting Javon Bullard, instead targeting was not ruled out, but he knocked Marvin Harrison JR out of this game and Georgia had no answer for him for the first three quarters, had two TD receptions in over a hundred yards. at halftime and there was no response for Marvin Harrison Jr from the dog’s perspective and they didn’t have in the fourth quarter how did that affect the Buckeyes not having their number one receiver I don’t think it affected them as much because we saw a lot of other guys doing plays guys were able to step up the next man mentality for Ohio State this receiving corps did it guys were helping out in the backfield running the football because they really couldn’t do it with their standard running backs did we know they were banged up coming again?

Ohio State Football: Three keys to beating Georgia in Peach Bowl
Because everyone had that next guy mentality, yeah, having Marvin Harrison Jr there would have made a difference, but not having him there, you still saw CJ Stroud work on offense to get guys in. in the position where he can, they can receive the ball and he was still able to find ways to get the ball down the field in position to score what was supposed to be the game winning field goal so it was either a big miss or Ohio State I’m talking about not having Harrison Jr in the second half, but I mean you pretty much won this game or you were going to win this game on the strength of CJ Stroud because you didn’t have a running game to speak of and you were out.

Ohio State Football: Three keys to beating Georgia in Peach Bowl
Big Time rec Anyway, I thought he did a fantastic job considering the circumstances, so what do you think of the way Ryan Day coached in this game? They’re up 14 to start the fourth quarter and then they’re outscored 18-3 in the fourth quarter, he was aggressive throughout the game, even to the point where we saw the fake bomb, which was the well-timed call, but we saw the moment when Georgia called me on the other end, but other than that I was calling the game like you. i want to call a game coach to win until the last series and like i said before the georgia players were helping him either laughing or getting hurt so the clock stopped he still had his two timeouts it’s on the 30 yard line keep pushing this ball vertically down the field CJ shroud it’s locked on you trust your quarterback he’s looking at you like hey we can get this thing even closer maybe score a touchdown but it kind of pushed the range back the running play on first down or second down threw me f because now you’re conceding that the field will try and we know how college kickers get into pressure situations so I felt like that last push until they crossed 50 was aggressive, but once they crossed 50 it got super conservative and it ended up costing them in the end ok ok so when you take a step back and look at this team from Georgia did you learn anything else about e this team from Georgia or did you just say they keep coming back and continue to show their strength play in and play out and they did it again here in the college playoff semifinals well it’s the mark of a champion right you’re not , you can’t win the title unless you knock out the champion, well Ohio State just couldn’t knock out the champion.

Ohio State vs. Georgia in CFP could break attendance records
It was because the champ kept walking out of the met, we thought this team was dead in the water when they were down 14. the way Ohio State was able to march down the field very quickly and get points, not just field goals and touchdowns, but Georgia fought back the I found a way to make their running game stall in the second half , they were handling the ball pretty well in the first half, but as we talked about C3 Stroud putting his team into their back sets and Bennett doing it with the passing game McConkey made a great catch on the two point conversion.

Ohio State vs. Georgia in CFP could break attendance records
We saw the first attempt from their Titan Brock Bowers to help keep the drive alive, so this team continued to find ways in their great players. parts of this contest so you learned this is the determination of a champion this is why now they are back in the national title game with a chance to go back well we talk about the transfer portal all the time . Kirby Smart dove in. on the transfer portal makes that a badge of honor and we’ve seen how that’s hurt managers like Dabo Sweeney, we’ve seen how that’s hurt other managers across the country and it’s not hurting Kirby Smart, I mean Todd monkin, get it. done offensively because look S Tetson Bennett could play in the NFL as a backup quarterback, right?

Ohio State football envying Georgia, chasing Michigan and living the  underdog life -
We’re not projecting him to start for one of the 32 teams in the NFL. He’s a good college quarterback, but they’re getting the most out of his players. You said when we set up this whole Coswell playoff is talent development and Kirby Smart is one of the best in talent development because you take a look and see, they’ve got some really good guys, they’ve got Jalen Carter, they’ve got some guys. they’re going to be draft picks again they lost 15 in the draft last year which makes it awesome they’re even here in this position but what does it say about Kirby Smart how he can get the most out of these guys ?

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Says a lot man because when you’re able to develop talent you can also nurture talent the same way and nothing is better for an athlete than making the coach believe in you because hey I’m putting you out there so I think . You can make this play. I know you were third street. ing boy I know you were the fourth string guy but you stuck with the show you know what we do you understand how we do things so yeah even though you’re the fourth string when I put you out there it shows I have confidence in what you can do and that empowers you to be a better player it empowers you to look down the sideline and know, hey I’m looking dead on you to make this play, I’m confident you can make this play and that’s why you see guys stepping up forward and rise to the occasion which is why you can see these Reserve receivers for Georgia step up because makaki was hurt you saw Brock Bowers reduce himself to being more of a blocker to help protect that offensive line being selfless things like that is because

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