Couple surprised after they give birth to ‘one in 200 million’ identical triplets – with all three baby girls born nine weeks early

Jenni and James Casper, a blissful couple, are rejoicing in their incredible accomplishment, defying astronomical odds of one in 200 million. Without any medical assistance, they were elated to discover that they had conceived three identical babies. The remarkable arrival of their three precious baby girls, Harper-Gwen, Marvella, and Evalynn, took place at York Hospital on March 31, albeit nine weeks ahead of the anticipated due date.

Jenni, 27 years old, and her partner James, 26 years old, initially received the news that they were expecting twins, an uncommon event with odds of approximately one in 250. However, their astonishment knew no bounds when, during their 12-week ultrasound, they were left speechless by the revelation that they would, in fact, be welcoming triplets into their lives.

Expanding their family even further, the Casper couple, who already have two daughters named Danica (10) and Gabriella (4), are now beaming with pride as they welcome a total of five daughters into their lives. The recently arrived triplet newborns have had the delightful opportunity to meet their older sisters as they settle into their new home.

James, employed as a bin man in Selby, North Yorkshire, expressed his profound amazement at the situation, describing it as an extraordinary and almost surreal experience. The triplet babies, with birth weights of 2lb 13oz, 3lb 1oz, and 3lb, spent nearly six weeks under the care of the Special Care Baby Unit at York Hospital. The parents are overjoyed to have their new additions safely home, providing them with a profound sense of reassurance. The couple’s astonishment only deepened when they discovered, during the 20-week scan, that the girls were identical.

“When Jenni broke the news to me, she called me right away,” James shared. “At first, I couldn’t believe it and found it quite amusing since we had been joking about the unlikely possibility of having triplets. However, when she sent me the ultrasound images displaying all three heads together, I was utterly shocked. I was left speechless, not knowing how to react or what our next course of action should be.”

James vividly described the intense emotional journey he experienced upon discovering the news about the triplets. “It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, ranging from tears to sheer happiness, followed by thoughts of how we would manage everything. It was truly a whirlwind.”

He further elaborated that Harper-Gwen, Marvella, and Evalynn are remarkably identical, necessitating the family to assign specific chairs to each of them for differentiation. “As they continue to grow, their unique features are gradually becoming more evident. Currently, they are absolutely indistinguishable. During their first two days at home, we decided to keep their hospital wristbands on, which have their respective names printed on them.”

In order to tell apart the identical triplets, the Casper couple has assigned distinct seats and bouncing chairs for each of them. James emphasized the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in, particularly considering that multiple births are uncommon within their families.

James expressed his awe at the rarity of their situation, highlighting that the odds of having identical triplet girls, sharing a single placenta that nourished them all, are approximately one in 200 million. With a touch of humor, he jokingly suggested that his wife should consider playing the lottery, given their extraordinary stroke of luck. He further conveyed their immense joy, stating that their family couldn’t be happier with their exceptional and special circumstances.


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