Crash, the one-eyed, 8-year-old rescued cat from Boise, Idaho, becomes the first-ever cat “Cadbury Bunny” for 2023!

Crash, a courageous and resilient cat from Boise, Idaho, has won the prestigious title of the Cadbury Bunny for 2023. The Cadbury Bunny contest is a highly anticipated annual event that showcases cute and talented animals competing for the chance to star in Cadbury’s famous Clucking Bunny commercial and be immortalized in the Cadbury Hall of Fame. In this article, we will explore Crash’s inspiring journey, from being a rescued cat to becoming a TV star and a symbol of hope for rescue pets everywhere.

Cadbury Bunny Contest:

The Cadbury Bunny contest is a beloved tradition that has captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. Each year, countless adorable and talented animals vie for the coveted title of Cadbury Bunny. In the 2023 contest, Crash faced tough competition from other animals, including “Bodhi,” a rescued white rabbit from Northeast Ohio, and a dog named Bunny from Illinois. However, with his unique story and irresistible charm, Crash emerged as the clear winner, capturing the crown and bunny ears.

Crash’s Background:

Crash’s journey to stardom began when he was rescued by Simply Cats, a local animal shelter in Boise, Idaho. Crash had a rough start in life, as he was hit by a car in 2018, resulting in the loss of one eye and severe injuries, including a fractured jaw and leg. Despite his challenges, Crash showed incredible resilience and determination to survive. He underwent months of treatment and care at Simply Cats, where he won the hearts of the shelter staff and visitors alike with his endearing personality and tricks, such as “high five” and “sit pretty.”

Crash’s Win:

Crash’s victory in the Cadbury Bunny contest was a moment of joy and celebration for his human, Maddie Corey, and the entire Simply Cats community. Maddie, who is the Outreach and Fundraising Coordinator at Simply Cats, expressed her gratitude and excitement on Facebook, sharing how honored she was to work with the Cadbury Team and film Crash’s commercial.

As the winner of the contest, Crash will not only be featured in the hilarious Clucking Bunny commercial, but he will also receive a prize of $5,000 to donate to the shelter of his choice. In addition, Maddie won another $5,000 prize, which she generously decided to donate back to Simply Cats. The donations will go a long way in supporting the care of the 1,000+ cats and kittens that Simply Cats rescues and rehabilitates each year.

Crash’s Story:

Crash’s story is one of resilience, survival, and inspiration. Despite the challenges he faced after the car accident, Crash never gave up. He overcame his injuries, won the hearts of those around him, and became a beloved resident cat at Simply Cats. Crash’s victory in the Cadbury Bunny contest is a testament to the resilience of rescue pets and the power of second chances. He is now a role model for other animals in need, reminding everyone that every cat is worth saving.

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