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I don’t count that’s not real yeah we don’t count it looking so yeah yeah what you gonna do okay best actress hey I think at this point it has to be Michelle and if not I’ll be surprised Pretty, yeah, oh, damn, oh, oh, oh, I didn’t see that coming. They said no. fast they said not so fast oh I didn’t see that coming oh oh I don’t know if you can predict Michelle me for the SAG well for the sag maybe but look how much they like the movie and then well they just tar a lot I mean the second most awarded movie of Tarzan that’s right, am I right?

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What do you think about that you were saying you were pretty confident, maybe predicting Michelle? What do you think not? Because here is the other one. At the same time, Best Picture winners don’t usually make such a big splash when they win every award, so maybe this doesn’t match the hypothetical all-everywhere-sweet-I-don’t-know-what-to-make-of-Best-Actress-winner Kate Blanchett . I am a bit lost. I think it means that Kate Blanchett is really strong and she might not lose. Choice so we can Don’t act surprised by dedicating the film to immigrant parents. Can the fab come up with a narrative that’s as good as that or or banshees?

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I don’t know, I don’t know how many winners tonight overlap with the Golden Globes. Image in the script didn’t line up Failman’s, nothing, Banshees won nothing and if The Fablemans lose a Bafta film nomination, who’s to predict who it is? i’m going to predict it and if banjo also missed out on a bafta film nomination being on the short five lists ain’t no good then look at banshees maybe they’ll win toilet hell maybe the whole world will win baftas you’ve got to watch the guilds to see what they do I feel like the way I would lose just people just can’t take it or something?

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The average age of Oscar voters I think is like 60. Yeah, that’s not great, so maybe they can’t. I’ve seen what you know every year, these things that we’ve never seen before, but at the same time I’m telling you, it’s all about the winning package. What can the criminal say that he is going to win? I still think it’s scary that Banshees might win the script but Banshees probably won’t win best actor or best supporting actress yeah but I think if you win the script you might win yeah but why not Banshees won the script at the Critics Choice Awards?

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I don’t know, I know that the Critics Choice are better at predicting the original script than the baftas, they’re actually pretty good at it. I mean, look where I’m standing, it’s like it’s harder, it’s harder to argue for fame or banshees or top gun. Maverick if you want then all at once it’s harder for me to argue for those top gun Maverick got DGA which was important but would need to would have wanted to see at least Tom Cruise show up and best actor in sag or t What movie gets

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Ensemble the fact that it doesn’t have a sunken presence that’s the same thing that made me say yes 1917 doesn’t have a sunken presence at all PGA might as well not go with everything at the same time let’s face it hey fair fair let’s face it it’s also my biggest curiosity right now, like what are Oscar voters going to do with it all, all at once, a movie that, in a lot of

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ways, people haven’t seen this before, it’s not trying to talk to them, it’s not speaking in their language what are they going to do with this movie theoretically what does fatal men’s have to do at this point to win best picture PGA DGA that’s good in the guilds and how do you win best picture without at least one major guild being in your favor you know, dg apga and sag probably don’t go with banshees and even in the acting categories i don’t think colin farrell and carrie conn are looking for wins what’s your prediction for the actress oscar because that’s real that’s real I’m going to say Blanchette probably because I think Blanchette has a better chance of winning the bafta and that’s been really important not to know.

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I think Michelle me may have sunk in the hypothetical matchup where it was Michelle me vs. Kate Blanchard at the Golden Globes at that hypothetical matchup. I think it would have been Cate Blanchett, yeah I agree, well it was fun, this is the night I did a lot of things. wanted uh at the oscars at the end of this week we have bafta nominations and then it’s time for the final oscar predictions thanks for watching thanks for subscribing how much do you think this matters for all at once?

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