Dad Shows Off His Premature Son Doing ‘Manly’ Things Using The Magic Of Photoshop

Get ready for a laughter-filled treat with these hilarious photos that are guaranteed to leave you in stitches. Matt MacMillan, a skilled photo editor, has used his talent to create incredible artworks featuring his premature son. The journey began when his daughter, Ella, was just one month old, and Matt crafted a series of images portraying her participating in various sports activities. The comedic outcomes were a hit. When Ryan, Matt’s son, was born nine weeks premature, weighing less than 3 pounds, Matt saw an opportunity to continue the humorous photo series. Challenging the perception that premature babies are fragile, Matt and his wife playfully referred to Ryan as “advanced” and embarked on capturing him engaging in adult, “manly” pursuits. Although creating these photos required dedication, the end results are truly side-splitting and undoubtedly worth every moment Matt and his wife invested in this project.

Meet Matt and Alyssa MacMillan, the proud parents of two adorable children. When Matt embarked on his creative journey in child photography and Photoshop, their daughter Ella was a delightful and joyful 6-month-old. Her irresistible charm added an extra touch of enchantment to their creative projects.

When Ryan, their premature son, turned 6 months old, Matt delved deeper into his Photoshop skills, using their children’s photos as inspiration. He crafted entertaining concepts, like this fantastic picture of Ryan effortlessly skateboarding, exuding coolness. Matt’s limitless creativity allowed him to consistently produce enjoyable and imaginative images.

Ryan, their baby boy, arrived unexpectedly early, a remarkable nine weeks before his due date, which brought a mix of challenges and anxieties for Matt and Alyssa. For the first six weeks of his delicate life, Ryan stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before finally receiving the green light to go home. Undoubtedly, this was a daunting and emotionally draining journey for his parents.

During Ryan’s stay in the NICU, Matt and Alyssa sought comfort in humor, affectionately labeling him as “advanced” instead of “premature.” This playful joke sparked Matt’s imaginative photo projects, showcasing Ryan as the adorable baby model and capturing heartwarming moments that spread joy and laughter to countless people.

Matt documented his experience of crafting these humorous images in a Bored Panda post, detailing the creative process behind each photo. He candidly revealed the varying levels of difficulty involved, emphasizing the meticulous effort required to bring each concept to fruition.

Matt estimated that each photoshoot lasted approximately 15-20 minutes, with the bulk of the time dedicated to setting up and editing. He mentioned the effort involved in creating props and sourcing appropriate outfits for the various pictures. One standout image that garnered amusement is the depiction of a card table.

Ryan’s astonishing growth is truly remarkable! It’s amazing to see the stark contrast between his appearance in Matt’s series and when he was only 6 months old. Without a doubt, he will find immense joy in these photos as he grows older and fondly looks back on his early days.

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