Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders

Other than a couple turnovers he’s been on fire ever since he came back a third down tie two Pollard the good thing in the middle is going to be short there are opportunities for the guys to play today that for Washington they have a good chance to assess oh, anger drops and picks it up in has trouble and they drop it back to throw it first go through the middle has McLaurin running for a score in the end zone this NFL stuff is easy going for a touchdown you can see Terry McLaren, he’s going in, he’s just going to babble. and he’s just going to drag that middle Timon Clark down, make him stop his feet and then his speed there in the shallow four men

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Rush Prescott in trouble in real trouble and he’s fired Montez sweat he’s not going to be afraid to trust these legs from Sam Howell stuns Cummins Hal sees a full dump for the first time no, Terry McLaren dropped to punt and you think he has to be the first down here’s Turpin and he fumbles and he’s loose and Washington looks like they’ve got him with Holmes, the Dallas Special Teams coordinator, two huge mistakes made by the Special Teams units early in this game and you see Holmes, he clearly takes that bagel back again Washington takes over Dallas territory, wow, you’re right, but if it’s not here there’s 31 other teams looking at this third and five Powell’s looking, yeah it’s not buried where to go that time when Micah Parsons approached

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Doris Armstrong there too ok so now it’s gonna be Joey Sly for a field goal 31 yards later the try and kick isn’t good they just want to play their best ball they want to play fair going in and out and that’s been as far as they’ve been able to go third down Prescott running can’t find him he wanted them to take him down because they can only get Trayvon Diggs to cover the best player on the opposing team Hal’s got him look at this Lane’s going to run and he’s going to take the first down and he’s still on his feet now that he’s down Sam Williams he’s capable of coming back and he’s good Patterson cuts down the middle good cut Patterson showing speed 11 play of drives Hal looking to pull his foot back and Zone

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intercepted Malik hooker right there on the turnover to Dallas takes it all the way without touching four- man Rush Prescott, that could be a pick six, it will be a touchdown Washington, do you think you’re going to see they just run a little bit of speed here to the wide side of the field? po and he squats and jumps he sees it coming from deep all the time and back-to-back turnovers you see Noah Brown they just call that a quick start it’s going to round out that five six yard ability which we have been talking about.

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Al tap shots catch dobson punches first game and then speed to han dotson in dallas territory and he’s inside 40 line them up at different points along the defensive line like you mentioned he’s having a run here they’re long how in the middle that’s not going trying to make it as he’s going to get on track he’s got a four man Rush Prescott dancing and now he throws in the middle of Schultz has his first catch of the day and he’s still getting up and gets up has a first down Prescott on the middle calmly good shot on a four man first down

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Rush this time Prescott finds himself on the delivery so he has a final first down read on the middle Hilton has him lunging forward close to 25 another first now lamb with six seconds left Bobby McCain here in the slot I’m not exactly sure why he doesn’t hit CD land there’s no other catcher in his area you know they have to throw the pe lotta to the end zone and let’s see how he pushes the ball down the field a little bit third and one they’re going to run it and that’s a disaster the dallas line all around Johnson Golston and others Far Side Elliott didn’t come around third and 12.

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Prescott throwing it too deep away from the sideline incomplete Hilton the receiver served first down looking to throw a shot has a c Datsun completion and then turns and fires up speed for an early successful first down. Here’s Hal in the fake. Thomas will tell you to finish the penalty flies. It’s interesting to watch him try to manage the momentum here and some of the frustrations. as well as obviously that great start see how he holds it up on the second try shoot dotson the inner beauty of a release great level the little things will still take care of themselves the more time he has he’ll run to Patterson, another first down and still. look at running this facing everyone inside the 10.

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will bring curtis samuel in the backfield now going to run a little option how foot on the ground nice clutch hal is on touchdown washington foreign any sudden change here today that shows up in the way dallas came out here’s how to throw it charging ready Hal throws an incomplete 28-yard field goal attempt to Sly and that one he’s missed two previously Washington adds to their lead to make it 23-6 sometimes it takes a week like this of humility to figure some of this out and you come back you have your best week of practice and you feel like you’re better as a result Prescott On Target has been amazing that’s why today it’s so jarring pressure on him here near the side and Hilton goes up to get that moment in who call him to wait Blitz is coming Prescott unloads quickly nice lamb caught seedy lamb third and two Prescott is going to run and they will take him down in no time well imagine that they have a sneak no doubt they have something off of that boy wow it’s very close and they get the division and the number one seed so here’s

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Patterson running down the hole on a first down for the majors try try to get one of the Marquee quarterbacks seems like that’s really the only possible approach third down and four are going to be short Patterson on the run just isn’t the formula for sustained success Sly with a fuel goal from 22 yards and Washington stretches to a 20-point lead there’s a lot of really positives they can work out it’s just a matter of how confident are they that he’s the quarterback going into next season one more run Davis is absolutely beaten oh my god Forest and that should make it 26-6 the majors beat the Cowboys Aaron Andrews Tom Rinaldi Mike Pereira Greg Olsen our entire NFL on team Fox

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