Dark Discoveries In 2022 That Left People Speechless

Number 10 dragon of death we all know that millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth before they became extinct scientists are constantly working to piece together the fossils and remains they have found and discover new species one of which has recently been discovered has been described as the death dragon was a flying reptile like a pterodactyl that is described as being the size of a fully extended bus its wings measured 30 feet from tip to tip and was apparently as tall as giraffes the leader in the project said that its size defies the limits of our biological understanding.

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The remains were discovered in the mountains of Argentina and the specimen is apparently around 86 million years old and preserved within rocks. It’s amazing to think about the size of some dinosaur species and imagine them in comparison to ourselves with all the talk of scientists wanting to bring certain animal species back from extinction it may not be so it will be a long time until we have a ghost jellyfish giant number nine from real life Jurassic Park beautiful yes scary and sure an alien too yes this Beast was discovered in 2021 and you guessed it Monterey Bay the classic place apparently for the sea monsters it sent the research team. in a deep sea robot to take a look at the abyss and they discovered this giant Phantom jellyfish again yes I said again originally this jellyfish was documented in 1899 living at depths of three thousand to thirteen thousand feet is yes more than fair it’s hard to catch who she is down there you never know but luckily we got a video of her in action last year check it out that’s why I never go to the oceans. family and descendants organize the funeral and put their affairs in order, so what happens when there is no one around to know that someone has passed away when they have no family or close friends?

What Scientists Found in Russia Has Left People Speechless
Who will notice that they have stopped answering your messages while earlier this year a team of construction workers in New York saw something strange through a window they saw what they thought was a human skeleton and it turns out it was a 54 year old female living in the apartment when she died of currently undetermined causes, the woman’s sisters had tried to contact her but only filled out a missing persons report not knowing she was still inside their home, doctors believe. that the woman had been dead for almost two years before she was discovered, her body was decomposing inside sea creature number seven with around 80 per cent of the ocean still unexplored, we can only let our imaginations wonder what kind of creatures could be living in the deep dark depths even the sea creatures we know of and have studied are pretty rare to see sometimes every once in a while a fisherman or other explorer would come across something totally bizarre and this happened early of this year.

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A fisherman posted a photo on Instagram of a strange, alien-looking fish that he had caught on his line. The post went viral. The fish was swollen and pink with big green eyes, broken fins and weird. marks that made it look like he had surgery the ocean seems to be full of scary creatures we really can’t explain and i personally live in fear of the day they all decide to surface and grow legs number six ditch the dead woman in February of this year numerous reports began coming in of a ghost that could be found in a place called dead woman’s ditch the ditches in Somerset in the UK and is named after a woman who was murdered by her husband after they he had just covered up that she got pregnant by his brother people are saying the area is now potentially haunted by his spirit which is a type of ghost that is known as a woman in white apparently this particular ghost is not very polite and has been reported to insult people walking by telling them to leave.

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Reports have started to rise this year, prompting a ghost investigation team to investigate claims that people say they hear not only her voice, but also. I have seen an apparition of the woman along the road who is usually described as wearing long white clothing, but when they turn their heads to see her a second time, she has gone, leaving only the stark warnings of her, robot number five. around the world there are plenty of futuristic sci-fi movies depicting the idea of ​​robots rising up against their masters and taking over the human race with technology becoming more advanced at an exponential rate, it may not be long before For this fantasy to come true many researchers have been working on creating AI or artificial intelligence that can think and hold conversations on its own, a prime example being Sophia, the robot that and you may know from her appearances on talk shows. interviewers capable of generating conversational responses on their own.

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This year, a group of Colombian engineers created a robot that could imagine itself and what the robot looked like with its own idea of ​​itself. image they placed it in a room surrounded by cameras and watched as the robot explored its own body and how it moved, creating a model of itself that it used to plan courses, complete tasks and navigate obstacles now that they can create a picture of their own bodies , it may not be long before they create their own personalities and morals hammerhead worm number four you may be familiar with this one thanks to the rounds it did on Tick Tock this arm species started appearing more frequently in the United States this year and no one really knows how it managed to get there from Asia these Hammerhead worms named for their physical appearance can grow up to 15 inches long and honestly they are pretty disgusting to look at they are notorious for the way they kill which is by secreting a sticky and deadly neurotoxin that incapacitates and then liquefies its prey, the main problem is that they are taking over populations. local earthworm ions and damaging the ecosystem and are quite tough. to kill if you cut one in half it will simply become two separate worms this is through a process called fragmentation to kill them you need to dry them with salt or stick them in your freezer for about 48 hours although I personally don’t think you can getting close enough to one to do any of those number three things: contamination, okay, this isn’t a ghost story or a mysterious creature, but it’s still pretty scary and something I think we should all be aware of.

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According to a world report released in May, it revealed that 9 million people died prematurely in 2019 as a result of pollution caused by breathing dirty air that slowly leads to heart disease. problems and other serious diseases that ended up being fatal, the Lancet Commission on pollution and health said the following: the threat of pollution is far greater than that of war, terrorism, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, drugs and alcohol is an existential threat to human and planetary health and endangers the sustainability of modern societies while awareness of global warming has been on the rise in recent years it seems we are past the point of no return the discovery that pollution is having such a huge impact on our health is certainly a terrifying number two Pentagon Report, now I’m excited because I finally got to the part of this list where I can talk about aliens.

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If you’ve seen some of my other alien videos, then you may be familiar with the hundreds of pages of reports. which were declassified by the Pentagon all of these reports on UFOs and aliens earlier this year released documents sharing ed some pretty alarming information some of the documents included information on the physical effects people have had from coming into contact with UFOs or anomalous vehicles included things like radiation burns brain damage nervous system damage and even unexplained pregnancies there were around 42 medical cases and 300 unpublished cases which were all related to physical effects sustained by people who had said they witnessed UFOs and alien life.
It’s pretty shocking that the Pentagon has been trying to cover this up and sweep it under the rug. what’s out there the number one russian spy a young man from mexico came to the united states where he became a leading scientist and researcher with much accolades while people didn’t know he was actually leading a double life as a russian spy he met a man on a trip to Russia who knew Hector Cabrera had been looking for a property in Miami and said they could help each other the Russian was working for the government and with his help Hector got an apartment under a false name in the same building as Miami in which an informant from the United States lived, then tasked with following the informant and bringing back any information he found in Russia during the time he had two wives and families, one in Russia and one in Mexico, and balanced them both quite gently, however, he was caught doing his spy work on surveillance footage and was later arrested and his activities were discovered this year he was arrested, but it makes you wonder how many people you see on the street who might be secretly living a double life, starting at our 10th place, we have an organic object.

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Leland Melvin is an American engineer and retired NASA astronaut who served aboard the space shuttle Atlantis as a mission specialist, he is an incredibly bright man with an incredible resume and that is exactly why this story is so perplexing. g claimed that while I was on a space mission while orbiting the Earth, which for the record, how cool would it be to be able to tell a story that happened while you were orbiting the Earth, it would be the only story I told for the rest of my life, but anyway , while on this mission, said he saw a quote of an organic alien-like object.
NASA disputed his claims and said that what he saw was just ice, but I think I am confident that the person acting actually saw it with his own eyes Leland went to write that whatever he saw was an organic looking curved translucent quote. . I don’t have any explanations to offer, but I will say that it’s certainly interesting and a bit scary. The burial sites of number nine haunted idols are often victims of grave robberies, things stolen from the dead and defenseless in May this year a group stole 16 statues from a 300-year-old Temple but what they stole made them regret their decision after less than a week 14 of the 16 stolen statues reappeared at the Temple’s gate the high priest returned in good condition the thieves left behind a confession letter for stealing the statues and said they were returning them because they felt they the idols had cursed them the note said we haven’t been able to sleep eat and live in peace we are sick of scary dreams and are giving back their valuables having the idols around seemed to cast an enchanted curse on the thieves though we can only guess if the statues were either fully haunted or were simply punishing the thieves for their actions, the objects reportedly cursed s are nothing new and appearing everywhere, so it’s probably best if you keep your hands to yourself at our number eight spot today we have ocean maps Gordon Cooper had an exceptional life and career as an aerospace engineer test pilot Air Force Pilot of the United States and he was the youngest of the original Seven astronauts in Project Mercury, which was the United States’ first human space program.

dark discoveries in 2022 that left people speechless
It really is amazing and the things that he was able to achieve and one of the things that he did led to a Dark Discovery here on Earth while Gordon was in space orbiting the Earth in 1963, he started making some maps inspired by these dark spots that he observed on the Caribbean Sea Later, a friend of Gordon’s Daryl miklos, who is an explorer, took these maps and started looking at these places that Gordon had marked as places of interest. Daryl thought he was going to find an ancient shipwreck, but instead he found something that continues to baffle researchers. and Daryl himself came across a very strange structure that was unlike anything he had ever seen before.
This structure had long nubs sticking out of the sides and everything was covered in coral, so whatever it was, it’s been down there. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, Daryl has said that there are identical formations in three different areas and they don’t look like they were made by nature, they don’t look like they were man-made, certainly not at all. never seen based on my experience and i have years of experience doing this we have identified multiple different types of wreck material this does not match or look anything like that people have started to speculate that this structure may just be thewreckage of a crashed UFO if not that what else could it be I feel quite open to suggestions in our number 7 spot today we have the Space Serpent The Story of Dr.

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Franklin Musgrave is an American physician and retired NASA astronaut and considering how believable tends to be despite the absurdities of this story makes it hard to pass for a lie so easily while in space claims i saw something i wouldn’t wish on anyone some kind of space snake said he saw an eight a white snake foot long floating in space. I don’t even know what he would do. He would probably cry. Call Houston. when he saw and to be completely honest I believe him maybe his mind was playing tricks on him I mean I don’t know what happens in space but I find it hard to believe that this person who is probably familiar with the parts of the miss spaceship took a hose for a snake too, how would they not notice an eight foot long hose was missing?

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I am certainly not an astronaut, it just seems strange at our number six spot today we have animals it is well known that Before human spaceflight became a thing to test what space would do to a living thing, we sent a monkey. and a dog in our place first to study the moral effects. It’s not the best thing we’ve ever done, in fact it’s horrible, but this has had an incredible impact on our ability to investigate space and the sacrifices of those animals, sadly reluctantly. This has not been done in vain however this has created a rather grim situation for some astronauts many of the animals sent into space were sent there with no plans for survival or even recovery yes that means there are animal carcasses floating around in space while I do. this video and while watching it how terrible it has been said that unfortunately sometimes astronauts on space missions have to counteract these grim situations but I’m sure it makes them even more grateful for the sacrifice and terrible things these animals do they must have endured in our number five spot today we have this mysterious video in 1991 cosmonaut Musa manorov was on a mission in space when he captured a video that has been raising questions ever since Show the video first and then we can discuss.

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Do you have any idea what is floating around in the middle of absolute nowhere? Well, me neither, so we’re on the same page. Whatever it is this shiny cylindrical object has been leaving us stumped. decades since the video was captured, there’s even a CIA document referring to the story and how strange and inexplicable it is, maybe it’s like the snake and it could just be a part of his spaceship that had come off, but what if it isn’t? point we may never know for sure in our number four spot today we have giant moon babies if you think I’m kidding but just wait since the moon landing conspiracy theorists have gone absolutely nuts of course we have the popular t The theory of how the moon landing never actually happened, since it was all filmed in a studio that is probably the best known, but the one I am going to tell you about is perhaps the scariest and also my favorite, for what this conspiracy mystery suggests . that the moon landing was real, don’t be mad at me and it starts in 1969 after Armstrong successfully landed during this monumental mission of Apollo 11.

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NASA claims to have lost transmission for about two minutes and those two minutes. they are gold for conspiracy theorists. There are people who believe that this cited transmission interruption is really just a cover-up of a secret message that Neil was sending to NASA. He is said to have said quote these babies were huge sir huge oh god you wouldn’t believe it. I’m telling you there are other spaceships out here lined up on the other side of the crater rim. They are on the moon watching us. I don’t know who they are or why their babies are so big. but this is perhaps the weirdest space conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard.

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I mean, I wasn’t there, so who am I to say that Neil Armstrong didn’t discover the giant alien babies on the Moon, you know, and our number three spot today we have the lights. Leroy chiao was the commander of the ISS in 2005 and that’s exactly when this strange sighting happened. It is said that he was not the only one who witnessed this, however, it is said that the entire crew was there to see this inexplicable event. with him basically saying that they saw a strange set of lights while in space, he went on to describe the lights and said that they were in an inverted V formation and that they ended up stumbling into this strange situation after the formation flew past them , i’m just going to say it, we all think that sounds a lot like aliens, i just don’t have any other possible explanation and you’re telling me that the whole team saw it, i swear nothing will convince me of aliens more than first hand account of an astronaut in our number two spot today we have a bright green reverse side with another Gordon Cooper story this time it’s about something he witnessed in space and only in space on May 15, 1963 was he sent into space in a Mercury capsule for a trip of 22 orbits around the earth and while on this trip he saw something extremely disturbing, a glowing green object that would approach his capsule during its orbit.

Giant Bronze Mythical Beast Found at Famous Chinese Archeological Site—LOOK
Ita final, he told the tracking station for this object that was fast approaching his capsule and they were able to pick up this UFO on their radar, but once Cooper landed, reporters were told he was not allowed to answer any questions. about this UFO, it’s even more interesting considering how Gordon has been a vocal and firm believer in UFOs even before he was an astronaut. I asked what do you think this was and our number one spot today we got the hit ok space is a vacuum so it should be quiet right? We have all heard of space.
It roars the supposed haunting noise of space, but for the most part it should be relatively quiet, that’s exactly what makes this story the plot of a horror movie, in my opinion, in 2003, Yang Lui became the first astronaut sent into space by the Chinese space program. that is an amazing achievement and probably a very exciting adventure so imagine his surprise when while sitting in his space shuttle he hears a bang he described as citing someone hitting the body of this spacecraft like hitting an iron bucket with a wooden hammer, okay, maybe We could chalk this up to an extremely reasonable explanation, but he’s not the only one who’s heard it.

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There were other Chinese astronauts between 2005 and 2008 who reported hearing similar sounds and it’s not like you can open the door to verify the following. we need ringers for space shuttles apparently coming off our list at number 10, a mammoth, scientists are trying to bring the woolly mammoth back to life, so it’s only fitting that we put this recent discovery on our list here in 2019, scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, they were digging around the bottom of the ocean, they were digging around 10,000 feet, not too far off the coast of California, and they found what they thought was an elephant tusk now which on its own would make a pretty good discovery animal stays in the deep sea come on that’s great no this was even better we found a mammoth tusk at first the team only took a small sample but last year in july they were able to go back and get all voila it belonged to a colombian mammoth those were mammoths that didn’t have a lot of hair they didn’t need it they lived in north america so things they got a little warm sometimes ten thousand years after they died we are still finding their fangs.

Over 13,000 relics uncovered at Sanxingdui site in China : r/Archaeology
What do you think about bringing them back to life? We should make that sound underneath. I say no, definitely not. they will probably die again sorry i don’t know in our ninth place today we have a DNA difference Scott Kelly is a naval engineer and aviator and a former NASA astronaut and for his interesting discovery on this list we have one that happened while he was in space, of course, but the results weren’t really discovered until he was back here on Earth. Scott has a twin brother named Mark, while Scott was on a year-long mission aboard the International Space Station.
Mark was, of course. here on Earth, once Scott returned from his long mission, he and Mark were put through a two-year study because of course, since they were twins, it presented an interesting scenario after the study concluded that NASA confirmed that seven per cent of Scottish genes were different. so basically space was found to change your DNA which is wild and also makes me wonder more than ever what other life forms look like while some of Scott’s DNA experiment sessions will switch back to a closer version than they were before they will never be 100 the same as before number eight deep sea anglerfish these guys are so scary we have to talk about them living at depths over six thousand feet deep sea anglerfish live in the dark Total like Vin Diesel and Pitch Black.

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It was first discovered in 1833 when it washed ashore in Greenland and was then brought to Johan Christopher, Reinhardt’s executioner in Denmark. It was first called the football all fish or gobbler man big names ok female anglerfish has a shiny lure on top of its head that’s how we recognize them it’s like the right thing in Finding Nemo it’s scary and it’s something that I’m glad it hides at the bottom of our oceans but it’s necessary for their survival, light is created by bioluminescent bacteria, thousands of fish have it, and in the depths of the sea, anglerfish use it to hunt, it attracts fish right in front of their huge scary mouth and then just oh the disco light goes out and moments later they see another light the fishlords light the spiny dorsal fin hangs over their head it is called anesca it is an organ and emits photophore light it’s a method of hunting which is pretty rough it has to be because it has no arms or anything it’s just a big scary face moving around the ocean and as for the prey well she’ll take what you can get without i No matter how big it is, oh yeah, first because this thing probably went in to look at the light that the angry fish has and then the angry fish grabbed it and then it doubled over and its stomach expanded to fit everything in the depths of the sea.

forma es vacío, vacío es forma: Sanxingdui (XI al XII aC) - escultura, bronce
Anglerfish could expand their jaw and stomach and could eat prey that is twice their size although they often eat shrimp, snails and other smaller fish, but once you’re in, you’re tucked in, you’re not going anywhere, you’re Screwed up, males aren’t actually equipped with the natural attractiveness of light and by the time they reach adulthood their digestive system is no longer working, so they need one of these leading ladies to survive. I’ll let that speak for itself number seven ancient coral reefs or dying coral reefs. This is really a bit sad after all. The list is dark.

В жертвенной яме Саньсиндуя обнаружили бронзовую статую получеловека-полузмеи
Discoveries. All of these are either scary or dark. Literal darkness for some of them In 2009 after a four-week expedition to explore the depths of the ocean just southwest of Tasmania, scientists found deep-sea coral reefs, which is exciting at first until they realize that these coral reefs are dying and leaving. so now more research needs to be done on why exactly these reefs are dying. We would like to know that that is something we are currently working on if the reason they are dying extends to shallow reefs as well. This could cause massive problems for both marine life and us, our human life scientists need to find out if the coral was dying due to ocean warming, maybe it was disease, or maybe it was an increase in ocean acidity.
Whatever the case, if it spreads to shallower water, that’s bad news for us. 25 Marine life would lose its habitat. The coastal fishing industry would be affected, of course, so no more fish and chips. and save the ocean number six Chuck Lagoon, this lagoon was Japan’s main base during the war, but in 1944, the United States launched an attack that some consider to be Japan’s Pearl Harbor, sinking 60 ships and about 250 planes So for 70 years there has been a massive burial ground literally sitting in the depths of the Pacific and it wasn’t until recently that we got a good look at these haunting artifacts of history.

Таинственные артефакты деревни Саньсиндуй.2
This photographer came down and took some pictures and said it was one of the scariest shots they ever described the atmosphere was filled of course with human skulls, wreckage, gas masks, bullets obviously it was unsettling to watch no one wanted to come down so we send a submarine which is when we send a drone because we don’t like looking at schools and picking things up from the sand. I would like to make sure that no one expected these artifacts to be so well preserved after all this time.these things, even in the mammoth tusk, are all in perfect condition, it’s almost like the haunting and unexplored number five holes of the ocean.
If you have trypophobia, you may want to skip this one or face your fears together. in lets do it off the coast of big sur california which is a real place and not just a mac upgrade a survey revealed about 15,000 holes on the ocean floor and they are all the same size which is weird they all they are up to par. to be 35 feet wide and three feet deep the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute are our friends found about 15,000 of these and then they found 5,000 more that were even bigger the little ones are micro depressions on land and big ones are pockmark.
Initially, scientists here thought it was methane under the seabed coming up to say hello and leaving a big crater, big poof, so the Rovers went down there. No methane tests were done, in fact, there hasn’t even been any methane for 50,000 years. So what is going on here? These craters are doing a very good job with the ecosystem, albeit wildly because now this deep-sea creature only lives in them. They even found a whale skull that is lying on one. I go up a little vomit bubble in ocean number four MV Derbyshire this ship was twice the size of the Titanic but James Cameron didn’t make a movie about it so you may not have heard of it let me fill you in.

Саньсиндуй: загадка древнего Китая – аналитический портал ПОЛИТ.РУ
I’m not James Cameron, but I’ll do my best. The MV Derbyshire was the largest registered British merchant ship of all time to time. That’s an odd boast when you think about it, but it was assembled in 1976 and lost in 1980 en route from Canada to Japan a Mayday di A stress call was never issued and the ship was following the proper ocean routes with the routing companies. So they were doing all the right things, however, somehow it sank on September 15, 1980, the search for the missing ship and crew began, but six days later, the search was called off, nothing was found not even a clue honestly the ship was declared lost the sister ship of the Derbyshire ended up sinking as Well due to a crack in the deck the families urged officials to search again in 1994 it was found Derbyshire number three, a huge squid.
I will talk about this every time I get the chance. I hope you didn’t see or hear about this because I slept. so much the better the less you knew honestly the great finnish squid the BFS the great finnish squid is rarely seen which is why it’s on your list here today it actually lurks in many oceans hiding in the depths the great finnish squid lives in the permanent dark areas of the ocean about 1200 meters or four thousand feet deep in the sea so the guy can’t see anything he’s blind down there like most of these monsters on November 11, 2007 an ROV was searching around the deepest darkest waters in the Gulf of Mexico a And lucky for us, they have one in the movie, yes, 23 feet long.

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I know you are probably wondering as soon as you saw the video. Depth perception is like, oh, maybe it’s small, maybe it’s this, no, stupid big, they look like balloons. floating watching you hate how it looks Kama also seems to have noticed you like it’s like it’s following your movements is this a boss battle this feels like a boss battle let’s go ahead this guy is here siphonophore number two it’s a photo four ok where do i even start this is a real thing not an alien ok cool at first glance it appears to be a single multi celled organism but in reality they are an entire colony of polyps and medusoids collectively known as a zooid yeah I say real. words im not making these up a few years ago scientists found the longest zaphonophore they ever found it was 154 feet long you thought the last creature was long this thing is stupid just a huge long piece of spaghetti im floating in the ocean but in It’s not actually spaghetti it’s a bunch of different little creatures working together reading about this thing there was a quote I read and it said we at least need to know what’s down there no we don’t leave it alone leave all this leave it at peace down there i cant even deal with a spider in the apartment where do i start with this and finally number one an ancient city well on this list with a recent recent discovery the lost egyptian city of heraklion found after disappearing under the sea Mediterranean 1200 years ago.
Now, this city has a bit of history behind it, you know, it was founded in the 8th century BC. C. and all the researchers believe that heraclan was the port you would arrive at. if i were to travel back then recently last summer in 2021 found more to this ancient Sunken City in egypt and its changing history i dare say this was run by the european institute of underwater archeology their military ship nken this ship of 25 meters was found in this ancient sunken city in another part of this lost city remains of a Greek burial area dating from around the 4th century BC were also discovered. in the ancient egyptian city, this tells us that the greeks settled here during the last dynasties of the pharaohs, which is crazy.
We are literally just connecting all these pieces of this historical puzzle and also refining treasures at the same time, so it’s not all scary fish, I just need to send underwater cameras and submarines everywhere and just check under each store what list so wild was this

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