Derek Carr will not extend the trigger date of February 15 on his contract, stating “I don’t believe that is the best option for me.”

Derek Carr has decided not to extend the February 15 deadline in his contract, which would have activated $40.4 million in guaranteed future money, in an effort to facilitate a trade from the Las Vegas Raiders. Carr made this statement during the Pro Bowl Games and when asked about his decision, he said “I don’t believe that extending the deadline would be in my best interest.”

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The February 15 deadline is significant as it signifies the point at which $40.4 million in injury guarantees in Derek Carr’s contract will become fully guaranteed. This deadline falls a month before the start of the New League Year and the beginning of free agency, putting pressure on the Las Vegas Raiders to make a decision regarding Carr’s future with the team.

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The Raiders have several options to consider as the February 15 deadline approaches. They can agree to a trade with another team before the deadline, which would allow them to avoid paying the fully guaranteed injury money. However, this option may not be possible if they cannot find a suitable trade partner. Another option is to release Carr before the deadline, which would also avoid the guaranteed money but could result in a loss of talent. Lastly, they could allow the deadline to pass and continue negotiating with Carr or other teams in the future, but this carries the risk of having to pay the fully guaranteed money. Each option has its own disadvantages and the Raiders must weigh the potential outcomes carefully.

Las Vegas Raiders: Team that could trade for Derek Carr

As the February 15 deadline approaches, the time pressure makes any potential trade more challenging. Derek Carr, who holds a no-trade clause in his contract, has confirmed that the Las Vegas Raiders have not given him permission to speak with other teams. This is a necessary step if a trade partner wants to negotiate the terms of Carr’s contract. Carr also has the option to reject any trade offers, which would potentially force him into free agency. However, any trade agreement cannot be finalized until March 15, which means the Raiders would have to rely on the trust of the trade partner to follow through on their agreement. This is why Carr’s decision not to extend the trigger date on his contract is crucial.

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Releasing Derek Carr would allow the Raiders to avoid paying the fully guaranteed money, but it would also mean that they would not receive anything in return for losing the quarterback. On the other hand, holding onto Carr’s rights and waiting to see what develops in the future is a high-stakes gamble worth $40 million. Carr has stated that he is still considering all of his options, as reported by Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network.

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Carr stated that he is taking a patient approach and is primarily focused on doing what is best for himself and his family. He added that he does not care about public perception and is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a decision that is in his best interest. Currently, Carr is participating in the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas and is enjoying the experience.

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Carr mentioned that he and his family have several choices and decisions to make regarding his future. He considers this to be an exciting time and is grateful for his time with the Raiders in both Las Vegas and Oakland. Carr added that while he is excited to see where his future takes him, he is honored to have one more opportunity to represent the Raiders in the Pro Bowl and to say goodbye to the fans in their stadium. He stated that although he did not know when his next time in the stadium would be, being selected for the fourth Pro Bowl is a great opportunity.

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