Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today we all remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his impact on the Civil Rights Movement, yes, and President Biden delivered the keynote address at the National Action Network’s MLK Day celebration. We face another turning point in our nation’s history, one that will determine what this country will be. it seems several decades from now you know this is a time to choose whether we will choose democracy over autocracy or community over chaos love or hate these are the questions of our time that i put forward for the president to try to help answer and Dr King’s Life and Since My point of view, the legacy shows us the way forward.
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We just have to look back. We have to be prepared. We now want to bring Antoine C. He is a democratic strategist. has supported the president has been there since the president has made many of these commitments to the black community in general what are your impressions of his speech today look i think the pr The president hit the nail on the head in fact the president did great job on what i think about in terms of talking about the issues of the arteries those issues that are in the hearts and minds of everyone particularly black communities these issues that they have while they made us have progressed in some cases , but to a large extent they remain big issues for years and generations to come, so I think the president did a good job, as we say in our community, of reminding people of the receipts for the work he’s

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done over the years. of the years. definitely showing the receipts there yeah you know Antoine the president doesn’t often speak in front of a national audience which is carried out on multiple cable networks and our broadcast network others as well but this was because it was a holiday due to the audience i had because of the lunch break um energy wise for people who are not used to seeing the president speak they might have been tuning in today they are not at work they are home uh how could you rate the speech in terms of the content he also hands it over oh i think the president nailed it look the president knows the same hands that once picked cotton elected him president of the united states and i think he knows he knows he compromised with black voters throughout his tenure in government as an elected official and he continues to really lead on the issues that he committed to and I think that’s why everyone loves Joe Biden p Because Joe Biden

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knows the issues that are important to the community, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, black or white, whether you’re from California or South Carolina, and I think he wanted to remind black people today that he hasn’t forgotten about them. and that he will continue to work on the issues that he promised, including his commitment to do something on an honorary issue in this country housing yes let’s talk about it you have an op-ed on antoine hill today you pray Secretary of Housing and Urban Development opment Marsha fudge we also heard the president to do the same by saying that the key to generational wealth in this country is home ownership, how he succeeded in terms of the housing crisis, and where are the areas where we still have more work to do. the president did a good job of outlining some of the things that she did, but he also didn’t remind people that 100,000 vouchers to help people who need rental assistance

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billions of dollars to help people getting access to homeowners the fact that student loans were a barrier for some people in terms of qualifying for a house, she changed the fact that she is putting money into housing counseling so that people who can get one house they can stay in a house and that’s just a few things the secretary has done keep in mind it was only in the mid 1960’s when African Americans had serious barriers where they couldn’t own a house and even though we have made progress in that regard, from redlining to restrictive land use policies. that exist in the 1960s it was Dr.

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King who led a movement in Chicago to prevent those things and now here we are having similar discussions but yes now we have an African American in the leadership of Hud understanding our challenges understanding the generational things that I have helped to our community to implement changes that will meet those challenges, okay, Antoine, since it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’m going to share one of my favorite quotes. I know you’re also a scholar of the late Dr. King, he said that we may have all come in different boats, but we’re in the same boat now.

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