Father of Triplets Creates His Own Guidebook After Wife Gives Birth to Three Baby Girls

Alex Lewis, a 34-year-old man from Essex, was overjoyed to hear that his wife, Charlotte, aged 32, was pregnant with triplets, after three years of trying to conceive and spending £8,000 on I.V.F treatments to fulfill their dream of having a baby.

Despite the happiness of expecting three babies, the couple was warned by doctors that not all of the babies would survive. They were given the option to sacrifice two of their daughters to increase the survival chances of the healthiest one, but they refused to do so.

On April 6th, three baby girls were born: identical twins Annabella Rose and Florence Violet, and their sister Lottie Bluebell. Annabella Rose weighed 3lbs 5oz, Florence Violet weighed 4lbs 7oz, and Lottie Bluebell weighed 2lbs 14oz. After three weeks, they were all cleared to go home.

Eight weeks ago, Alex Lewis created his own “Dad’s Guide to Living with Triplets” and since then, his Instagram page has gained over 14,000 followers. His guide consists of a series of snapshots that depict the ups and downs of raising triplets, while also emphasizing how parents of multiples can still enjoy themselves and have a fulfilling life.

Alex, a father of four, described how having triplets has turned their lives into a military operation, with feeding and changing all three babies every four hours. Despite the effort, he wouldn’t trade it for anything and feels fortunate to have three healthy daughters. He created an Instagram page dedicated to their life with the triplets, which has quickly gained over 14,000 followers in just a few weeks. Through daily family photos, he hopes to provide a dad’s guide to living with triplets.

Despite the challenges of raising three children, Alex and his wife still find ways to enjoy life as a family. They make time for weekly Costa coffee outings, beach trips, shopping, dinners together, and even visits to Center Parcs. Through sharing their experiences on Instagram, Alex hopes to inspire other parents of multiples that they can still have fun outings with their children.

“When our triplets arrived, it was an overwhelming experience,” Alex shared. “But we are so grateful to have all three of them. We sold our car to upgrade to a six-seater and made sure their space was ready. As our family grows, we may need to consider moving to a bigger house with more bedrooms.”

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