Firefighters revive unconscious cat with special oxygen mask designed for pets.

The New Orleans Fire Department made a heroic rescue last Wednesday, when they saved the life of an orange tabby cat from a residential building fire. The cat was found unconscious in the hallway, close to where the fire had broken out. The firefighters immediately recognized the urgency of the situation and acted quickly to save the cat’s life.

They used a special oxygen mask specifically designed for pets, which was readily available on their firefighting equipment. In a matter of minutes, the lifeless feline was revived, thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the New Orleans Fire Department. This rescue once again highlights the importance of having the necessary tools and equipment available for emergency situations, as well as the bravery and compassion of firefighters in saving the lives of both humans and their beloved pets.

The New Orleans Fire Department found this cat unconscious in the hallway near a fire

They used a specially designed oxygen mask for pets to revive the poor fella

“I guess he has eight more lives”

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