FULL REACTION to Fulham vs. Chelsea: ‘HARD TO DIGEST FOR CHELSEA!’ – Frank Leboeuf

And it’s Fulham taking all three points beating them by two goals to one, let’s just take a look at how things stand then in the Premier League table after that result. in this, as he promised back from his vacation, gab marcotti joins us as this leper frank frank we have to start with you with your chelsea ways how was that? Well that’s hard to swallow but it’s acceptable enough in a way that I found a better performance than compared to what we’ve seen lately from Chelsea there was a lack of efficiency especially from Joe Felix who had plenty of chances but couldn’t score, he tried too hard, maybe he tried too hard, that’s why he got kicked out, um, nothing goes right.

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You know the god who considered you know to hold the youngster hold the don’t taste a nutmeg very close to his own 16 yard bug and then cross that battle unfolds from shallow and a kick from the ex-Chelsea player goes and between the legs from shalabar w With the fast movements of the ball and it’s a goal, everything seems to be going the wrong way for Chelsea, on top of that, you are losing Zakaria, who is the injured tense guy, the player’s performance was more interesting in the the way they were more involved in the game want to, uh, get it right, it didn’t work out, it’s encouraging in that matter, but in so many, in so many moments, you could say they’re very sick, they really have to, they really have to work hard to go from back to his prime and it’s going to be a horrible season for Chelsea and of course they roll the dice they took a chance they brought Felix to jail uh blabbering during his suspension now they’re paying two million dollars in wages yeah look I mean no.

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I even know where to start with this situation. John Felix is ​​obviously a super talented player, but one person hasn’t really taken advantage of his talent on a consistent basis. Figure it’s a project and you’ll work on it, but is this what you want to give Graham Potter at this stage where you’re doing poorly? Do you really think he’s in? I don’t know, it feels to me again like I know they’ve hired a technical director and recruiting experts, but to me this feels like something we saw in the summer when you knew I would go and have a conversation with an agent would be like, oh Isn’t this guy good? oh right yeah look it looks good yeah okay let’s take it they don’t even have an option to make them more permanent with Joe Felix they’re just throwing a ton of money on this guy and now he’s gone for three games you know uh it’s hard to understand and you know uh Graham Potter you know he may end up getting all the blame for this but it’s certainly not all about him at all come on be honest this was this wasn’t something that you take me well I don’t think you take a All the positive things about the city game were very, very bad, but this game against Fulham I don’t think you take anything positive or if the most positive thing you can say is that they weren’t that bad, so once again I’m sorry and and listen me and as much as I’ve sat here and tried to argue for Graham Porter that and the right to gab is not his doing but I am and I know the game of city ​​is very bad.
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I’m really struggling to see Chelsea improve and how that reflects in any positive way on Graham Potter. He’s quite Frank, isn’t he? Because how Shaq alludes to Fulham beating Chelsea is a great story normally, but it’s not a great story now because it precedes it. we’re used to it that’s the level chelsea are at right now yeah that’s what’s sad because uh fulham haven’t beaten chelsea since 2006 i think that’s um and you’re right fulham have uh six or seven in the league chelsea are 10th in so it’s a normal result huh which is absolutely a nightmare huh when you consider it’s a derby and you’ve still been on top of that side of london for decades um i think chelsea played better than Fulham um even if uh Shaka doesn’t think it’s an improvement you really should have seen the game against City it was a horrible game but we tried to find and tried to be as positive as possible you know because we’re really going back to the basics with Chelsea, we didn’t see anything lately and we see a little. of best uh of that game uh it’s in terms of uh will you know i think i would say chelsea try their best but it’s definitely not chelsea we know for sure what happens to graham potter kev how close is he to the exit gate well if you look I don’t know given the way Chelsea has operated since she started bowling she’s been in the big chair uh I find it unpredictable and really hard to understand so uh it can happen anything.

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I think it should happen and you know hey we said it, totally I said I mean I told you but you have to understand that if you bring in Graham Potter who worked in a very specific circumstance in Brighton where he played one game a week where he could go and and and he could drill his way of playing with players where less players were getting injured because they didn’t play as often where he had a whole recruiting team um uh above him that he worked with and he was very settled in that and you leave him later uh, after a crazy summer of spending where uh, where there was no recruiting special in the club, it was just Todd bowling and Thomas Duhol and an agent saying oh I’ll have it, I’ll have it, oh yeah cockroach sure that’s a great idea , come on go and pay 60 million or whatever for it um and then you wait for Potter to come and fix it when he doesn’t have time to fix it when he’s not used to working in those circumstances uh I don’t don’t know I mean usually p I think unless you believe and you will be relegated.

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I’m not sure not to make a change now because I think you have to see what Potter can give you and he says at the end of the season unless that’s the only reason you make a change. is if you say I’m going to make a change because I’m convinced that if I get you to meet XYZ in um then you know we have a great chance to finish in the top four and that will generate income and that’s important otherwise it stands to reason he says that you’ve brought these recruiting specialists in let them assess what you’ve got huh give them time let them assess Potter and go and make a decision huh in the summer huh you know unless you start to slide into the relegation zone my thing is to go if it happens , that would be what I would do, I think it’s the rational thing to do, but hey, the top bowlers are in charge, so who knows, anything can happen, maybe I’ll bring Romelu Lukaku back now that he’s injured, you know why no you know there’s all sorts of crazy things that can happen in this club you say it’s the sen It’s possible but how is the Potter cause when you’ve got your own fans chanting Thomas Tuckel’s name because that’s surely for you too Could it influence Holy absolutely too? i think it will i think this is this is what you know i live a few miles from stamford bridge i go there often i think this is a lot of people trying to fire thomas tujo after you let him go and spend a lot of money uh for summer uh how is frustration with graham potter uh so i think they’re mad this is their way of being mad at Todd boldly at the decisions uh that were made to get rid of tuho in that way, instead of getting rid of him sooner, instead of bringing Potter in earlier and allowing him to recruit for the type of players, the type of squad that he wants, I mean, I think beyond that, people understand, I mean, Frank brought it up and what it is. 10 uh injuries you’ve had I’ve been working under these chaotic circumstances.
I think Potter has yet to prove that he knows he belongs in this club, but still there are so many extenuating

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circumstances and so many really bad decisions made by the people above and around them and me too. I think you know this is a squad where we often talk about you know losing locker room and leaders and things like that. Who are the big boys in the locker room that have real influence? I think it would be hard for you to find names because there are a lot of players who are insecure in the team or have just arrived or are older and have expiring contracts, huh, so they don’t even have those types of figures in the locker room, who can, who You may know, take out the manager at this stage, so I think it’s going to go on who’s next on the wheel of fortune. tom bowley g i’m bringing in between now and the end of the transfer window i don’t know i love cuckoo glitter obviously that’s going to happen in the summer um supposedly they got involved with the mudric deal but that doesn’t seem so if you know what it is more like an expression of interest, um, that you know they don’t seem to be in the driver’s seat, frankly bringing you know another Winger.

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I don’t know what the logic is, um, Marcus Charan, uh, he would probably be a cheap and cheerful option, huh, you should at least know someone who isn’t a genuine center forward, but you have someone who can play that position, But you know right now, I think they can’t really catch their breath. because the games are coming so fast and thick um uh obviously they’ve brought in younger players who want to continue are committed to it but i don’t think that’s going to get you results right now taram is free transfer in the summer so you can get it for little money now, you know, do you want him to be placed to be your center forward?

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Is he better than Alba in that role? uh i think there’s just a lot of unanswered questions right now and it’s an interesting gap around the point and it’s something you did after the manchester city game is there aren’t any warriors inside this chelsea side and grandpa needs to pick Warriors but the problem is he doesn’t really have anyone to cast to play that role Frank yeah that’s what was missing right now and I and I and I say I realized you know the latest show on which I participated where that’s what maybe we can change, you know what we’re looking at right now, having players that you know are capable of psyching others up because even if you suck at Potter right now, what are you going to have?
What will happen to the new? coach if the players don’t want to run and fight and uh and uh and give your life for the club it won’t change anything you need someone at the same level as Chago Silva Mason man maybe because he belongs to that club aspiricueta the captain of course to make sure that the players will fight very hard and they will go for it, otherwise it won’t work, but let’s be honest, I think the season is over, I don’t see anything in the Champions League. I don’t see anything in the Premier League of course they’re both too far away and from something else so just try to finish off well maybe with Mr Potter see if he has an upgrade make the right decisions for him Next summer, you know when I see names like the Australian man at Manchester United, why don’t you see him at Chelsea?

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We want to see a striker but as God said we don’t want to see Wingers and then we have enough Wingers at Chelsea. and it’s not working we need someone able to put the ba Everything on the net that’s what you’re looking for what Chelsea has been looking for years thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and to stream premium content live and we don’t. Also forget about ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus

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