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Year of the college football playoffs national hat will have mega cats part of it i never those ram trucks call him anthony richardson hey kendra miller listen i don’t think the way he’s moving he’s going to play last week he had a big gain on Peach Bowl I Had a great week so he knows how he’s going to stay in pass protection though he could be a great number two option against this Georgia defense coach so he should do a good job on third down and not I think that he. I’m going to gasp today because this place is cold, it could be like around 55. every time the center went the other way, man, he beat the guard one on one, that guy is huge for this.
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Now, good luck tonight. I remember when I was training in Cleveland. the Giants had all of them tight end yeah national championship game start 7 30 ET all different places and platforms including Hometown outside but under the roof of Sofi Stadium it’s dry and shiny by ATT and the collision between the top seed SEC Championship 5G pregame showcase only the second meeting in the Fort championship game in decades almost two touchdowns of about 1300 rushing yards in the lineup tonight has had Kendra Duggan’s team have scrambled weather and shoots Miller is out and he’s a great athletic defensive lineman who’s part really part of what TC wants to do is try to get drafted next year, he’ll be a top five, 88 in red, a three fast and look at all the Georgia movement they don’t have to just Rush three Duggan with a long pitch it will come sometimes they won’t and this is what will happen Duggan looked a little out of place and Tay barber in the slot, a match that TCU feels like a couple of Oz’s kicking in this game.

Georgia vs. TCU live score, updates, highlights from 2023 College Football  Playoff championship | Sporting News
This is Jordy Sandy, who turns 30 this spring. He must have been a big number in Los Angeles. This is Macintosh, which is an excellent runner. This TCU defensive back 3-3-5. Dominic Williams will be asked to try to move. Lane and puts it right on the money with the ball you kept asking Atlanta where is Brock Bowers disgusting Brock Bowery has been for TCU all night is an area that Todd Monk and I think they will try to attack with it and they are on the ropes before there another free penalty getting off the bat moving again yeah Aaron Smith actually moved while they had a resolution moving man there by Smith it’s a muffler turn here offense there he can’t do that while you have a man on six, he can drive right there and then misses the goalie Bennett blocks Knight for a rushing touchdown during the read this quarter always faster than opponents expect him to be off the tape has all three and has great field position moving 57 yards against Ohio State clicking quickly Bennett a small cut Duggan faked it for demarcano and he swears behind the line well and that’s his read.

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He is reading this watch. He how he goes down the back and then at the last second he tricks Duggan into that area into thinking about shooting. t and then he throws it out for a loss on Monday and the six again on second try Davis gets his screen and fights back but George is flying into the football right now they are coming out of the blocks the dogs put pressure is picked up Duggan has time and delivery to traffic by Keely Ringo and way off first down anyway that’s what the call is on the bowler there TCU catches here his target going to Target and then Bullard makes contact and then the lead one of the few guys had played last year and this year too that guantopodus effort looked like Ringo may be the first to go in there Bullard also nagersky award finalist is too small but here comes the opposite it’s Bowers making a cut all he what i see right now is todd monkin saying let’s go with the play action pass let’s go with reading the Zone let’s get your back so hard everything goes the other way Ga tes there couldn’t trade with him Bennett on the Move delivers high and

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himself makes the catch in front of Bud Clark during the red zone Great route here but he interferes at all it’s a three to scrimmage run and then a lady to make sure the football guy Georgia is inside Milton and Felix TCU I know it’s early but they haven’t felt the brunt of this guy being with you here trying to squeeze George it’s a hard thing to do he’s at Edwards is in the back Bennett goes straight back looks to the middle and is broken very good mission on TCU defense is a 3-3-5 scheme Bennett throws the short catch made but and CCU forces the field goal tries a really big play there mark Perry had to go down here in the red box so they have to move around here holding the three to the right was huge now the offense

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knows it was two last week puts him right in the middle 10-0 se benefits from a loss of bal on put three more on the board Porter the national champs are up 10-0 Dead Eye folks think about upsetting but Leslie corner pocket Touchback post ter kicking him out of bounds never mind Sunny Dyke said spoke of it in the right weather the storm this is georgia they won the national championship last year oh no more in a candy how the internet reacts stuck and delivers the ball with its mouth open oh that’s pretty amazing especially a team that scores a lot of points wide open Darius Davis of Fountain first takes down Horned Frogs in an explosion that moves after we catch the ball wow up to the Run take we got a Georgia Bulldog down that’s Warren grinson yeah we can It’s not speculation hey sauce uh Bullock made a great play before and now it came back to you man you got a weather in the store second to the five balls in the six aj hawk what are your thoughts?
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I’m just trying to see these Georgia deep hands off the win four yes third and one on the two I might still get a first down quarterback keep moving will Georgia get on the board? They are going to beat the team so Max dogging knows the known fight and let’s see what s carrying guys that was amazing he was almost as good as Pete Connor but now we learn about the Georgia Bulldog we have seen him last year answer all season answered Stetson Bennett pulls out every game doesn’t seem to be now McConkey boy to see the boy back after being heard after the SEC Championship didn’t do much last week.

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I started slowly. I have no idea how he is doing what he is doing. times he was told he’s setting up he’s putting up the crack box where we’re watching the replay in the sky here on this spaceship i can feel back to the left LAD McConkey once again two heavy step pick six last week Darius Bud Clark, you just made a great tackle on the field, pause, Mark played him, keep that movement, the ball is moving down the field, it’s rained through this roof, I don’t know how it’s possible, right in the face of your boys down there, I saw exactly the one he was dancing with. a deep shot on seven it’s true great catch that’s me manta AJ blink what a play call the sideline just run a go eyes are greedy there Darius we have no discipline I think he probably had a puncture there hoping security was top with great game design and they got to the ball fast too crafty athletic mail the kind of kids coaches kid first one in person could be returned come on come on

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Darius Davis who had a massive play on the last Drive First and Ten of the 22nd part towards down 17-7 first quarter how do they do it? you say AJ, what do you do, I mean now we have to see what this TCU defense has in store, maybe a couple, there we go, there we go, and there’s no power outside of the shotgun. turn last ride here AJ what did you say it was so physical it took you’re a firefighter good for you brother thank you for your service first for the horn Falcon for the mustache what did you see Diva can you tell it’s moving Quick Flat Rock hope your offense gotta move on 74 is trying to get out max shooting shotgun gets first down got time passes m-y-k-e-l williams i think he’s up one more time against darius dave no no darius davis got hit on the sideline connor was all over last one too play definitely one of those Dean in the 42 is what TCU has to look down on

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