Gravitas: Thailand succumbs to China’s bullying, opens border for unvaccinated Chinese

If you visit Bangkok in case you plan to cancel that thought immediately, I’ll tell you why Bangkok and other Thai cities might be overrun with greed-infected Chinese visitors. Why Thailand has succumbed to bullying from Beijing. imposed basic tests for all those traveling from chinese cities where kovid had been rampant but within days of pressure from Beijing thailand removed all those checks now will allow chinese passengers to go through immigration without any RT PCR test they will be able to register in hotels without declaring

China Covid-19: Unvaccinated people in parts of the country to be denied  access to hospitals, parks and schools | CNN

whether or not they are infected with the Wuhan virus Infected Chinese travelers will be able to share a tour bus with you be in the same boat as you they will be able to sit next to you at the bar of a store even inside the same pool as you and guess what you wouldn’t know, you wouldn’t know if the person next to you is infected or not and is infecting you because T Thailand is too scared to offend the powerful Chinese government which has now abandoned all concerns about public health and safety.

China administered total of 119.82 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of  March 31 | Reuters

Thailand expects about 10 million Chinese tourists in the coming months. enter thailand and know why, because showing proof of vaccination would be cumbersome and inconvenient, that’s the line of reasoning high authorities want you to believe, the question is do you accept it, no one in their right mind will understand thailand is desperate for tourism revenue, but surely you can be a little more in touch with reality on the ground because, let’s face it, China is full of cases of greed. Seventy percent, I repeat, seventy percent of Shanghai residents are sick. Ninety percent of Henan residents are sick.

China threatens public spaces ban on people who have not had a COVID-19  vaccination - ABC News
The flights from these cities arriving in Thailand say that more than 50 percent of the passengers are likely to be sick, will you be too? just stamp their passports and let them into your cities. I asked the Thai leaders tonight. They don’t care about their own citizens or the health of tourists from other countries? economic benefit and what about you still want to visit thailand for fun in bangkok maybe you still want to go ahead with that trip to phuket in kofangan we are doing our bit by warning you that the decision is ultimately yours china is not testing its citizens before sending them abroad Beijing has already dropped the ball instead of imposing security measures China goes after governments governments that are trying to keep their citizens safe China has blocked tourists and travelers from South Korea and Japanese in a punitive response remember I talked about retaliation.
January 10 2023


Chinese missions in these countries are not issuing visas. South Koreans make up the biggest for eign diaspora in China, but if South Korea wants to visit family in Beijing, he can’t, he can’t, even if he even transits through China at this point or visits Beijing for business, same with Japanese . China has blocked visas for business tourism. Transit and for personal reasons, so what did South Korea do? It adopted basic security protocols. Seoul has restricted travel from China. It has allowed flights from Macau and Hong Kong to land at only one airport. just before the trip, but also after the landing and the precaution does not sit well with China, which promised to fight the travel restrictions with reciprocal measures, and Beijing is calling these measures discriminatory, but that is China for you, if you like to spin the story, call an outbreak, call fake news caution. the politics and security measures are discriminatory, the question is what should the world do, go the way of south korea or roll out the red carpet like i do in thailand.

Travel curbs rack up as COVID-hit China readies reopening

You don’t need to answer that countries should put their foot down and not bow down to China, you can’t have infected Chinese travelers by jogging through their cities and infecting people. China wants exactly that and that is exactly why it has threatened countries that believe in security. cheers tell me what is china’s problem really, what does it have a problem with, why does it have a problem with their Stories being tested for longer, in fact up until very recently china was testing its own people with an almost terrifying intensity. he wanted to board a bus in beijing he needed to get tested first, if he wanted to enter a park our tpcr test again same with all public places these were mass testing camps all over mainland china and now china itself has given an incredible somersault even as the wuhan infection has spiraled what it gives is china trying to hide a variant or just enjoying being a troublemaker it was still here its a scary thought if china is trying to reinfect the world on the evidence, it’s hard to rule out that it’s the Assumption as of now, some critics are even calling this XI jinping biological warfare.

China eases Covid-19 travel restrictions
South Korea and Japan are China’s first victims of the Wuhan wave. Sure both countries will feel the burn especially their companies but their measures are working for them. Look what the Korean disease control and prevention agency says. It says the number of Chinese travelers testing positive has dropped since Seoul adopted these new restrictions earlier. 31.4 percent of them have now tested positive. it’s 12.6 percent it’s a success story the world needs to adopt this model too many countries including india have already introduced extra security measures for those coming from china one hopes they don’t let their guard down too soon and in the meantime , it’s time you reconsider your trip to Thailand if you can’t cancel at least postpone Beyond the world is now available in your country downl Download the app now and get all the news updates on the go

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