Gravitas: Wuhan Virus: Satellite images capture the chaos in China

And speaking of things that need a closer look, let me show you some satellite photos. What do you see here? A village, it is true, is a Chinese village. Kunming, this is where you are in the Yunnan province. Let’s go back to the photo. You see? a crowd on the left side of the screen these people have gathered around a funeral home they are here to say goodbye to their loved ones it is hard to see how many of them died from the wuhan virus but many of them clearly did and i will tell you why am I saying this because the experts compared this satellite image with those taken earlier from this same space and found the crowd to be unusual.

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In the Wuhan virus cases in China, it is a wave that China denies, but the pictures here speak for themselves. Let me show you a new set. These are pictures of a funeral home located on the outskirts of Beijing. This was taken on December 6. Ember 2022. and this one from December 24. Do you see any difference? Here, the funeral home has an extended parking lot, so you wonder if there is room for incoming traffic of course, and these are photos from Nanjing in jiangsu province on the 9th day of November 2022, this batch of sparks from the funeral home was empty, but on January 3 it was packed.

Gravitas: China's Wuhan virus cover-up
As it happens, the crowd coincided with China’s desperation to hide an outbreak. This is a funeral home in Jiang province and a similar trend is seen again in January. 2021 the parking lot was empty cut to January 2023 it’s a full house there are similar pictures from sichuan these pictures tell you the story china has been trying to hide it’s a story of deaths kobe 19 chaos and lies china says only 37 people have died from the Wuhan virus since December 7th and 5,000 have died since the start of the pandemic for whatever reason China hopes we believe that number in we know better than we have been telling you st rivers in Shanghai where it is reported that the 70 percent of the residents are infected, we also told you about henan, where 90 of the residents are reportedly affected by the Wuhan virus.

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Analysts believe the wave of covid-19 is now moving away from Chinese cities and toward rural areas the part of China where factory workers and laborers returned after the Wuhan virus outbreak, reports say that rural areas are a mess people rush to health care centers but clinics and hospitals are understaffed, not enough resources and doctors forced to work 14 hours a day head of a clinic told the media that the supply of medicines is depleted to the point that the clinic has had to stop prescribing a doctor says waiting rooms are full and Wuhan virus patients are being forced to queue outside of medical facilities is a double whammy, the Wuhan virus really exists and there are not enough resources to fight it, the elderly are being the most affected The doctor of the village said he alone knows of 50 people in his village who have died since early December, but China keeps the death toll since December at 37.

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It would have been funny if it hadn’t been so tragic. China needs to stop making up stories and start focusing on the crisis at home should at least try to address the problem instead is harassing the neighbors in their spare time China has stopped issuing short-term visas to South Koreans and Japanese We told about this yesterday how the move was in retaliation to the two countries tightening border controls to ensure infected Chinese tourists are not given freedom in the country and now South Korea has called the Chinese punitive move in quotes significantly regrettable Seoul too asked china to align their pandemic steps with scientific and objective facts well if you ask me this is asking too much of china let’s see how the japanese responded to the visa ban tokyo cal if the chinese move one sided because china is banning entry to the Japanese or for non-greedy reasons, it is very unfortunate that China has taken unilateral measures of its Visa suspension for reasons beyond the control of the virus.

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We have lodged a protest with China through our diplomatic channel and asked them. To lift the Visa suspension, our country will monitor the 19 government situation in China and its disclosure of information and respond appropriately and as the Water Works unfolds, what we fondly call the China Health Organization has called for to The Travelers to take care and mask up. the who putting is this the who putting his weight behind what we have been seeing for weeks now the reopening of the chinese border has risked a re-infection that shines

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Travelers have become a threat to others by taking a flight that China has put at tourists around the world in danger yesterday we told you why you should cancel or postpone your trip to Thailand and here is an update on that story did you know that thailand? ent three ministers to bangkok airport to welcome passengers from first chinese flight it’s unheard of basically thailand is rolling out the red carpet for chinese tourists to come infect the people of thailand and everyone else visiting the country in the afternoon yes we are now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the go

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