Heavy Airstrikes, Two US F-16s Drops Hundreds of Missiles to RUSSIAN Armory in Sumy

hree two three heavy airstrikes two usf-16 launch hundreds of missiles at russian armory and soon ukrainian gunners attacked an enemy command post eight groups of weapons and military manpower equipment two ammunition depots and five systems of air defense of the Russian Federation last day this was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the telegram Ukraine reports that the soldiers of the missile and artillery forces attacked a command post eight groups of weapons and equipment military manpower during the last day, according to the report, according to the Defense Ministry. two ammunition depots five air defense systems and other important military objects of the Russian occupiers were reportedly attacked by

Russia Ukraine Updates: Leaders Of Poland, Czech Republic And Slovenia Will  Visit Kyiv Tuesday

Ukraine fighters of the Special Operations forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the kersan region destroyed two enemy combat vehicles with crew inside Poland positively views Germany agreement Ukraine Polish government representatives positively views Germany’s decision to transfer a patriot air defense system to Ukraine because earlier Warsaw also offered Berlin to do so to protect the airspace of the western regions of Ukraine and the eastern part of Poland the Polish Foreign Minister zabigny from RAM and the Minister of National Defense Mario splashak wrote about this on social networks Form reports from Ukraine I was pleased with the decision of the German government to transfer the Patriots system to Ukraine from according to the Polish proposal made at the end of November last year.

Israeli F-16 fighters targeted by Russian S-300 air defense missiles over  Syria
Ukraine, which is defending itself against Russian aggression. needs our support Rao wrote on Twitter according to blascheck what he proposed in November and for what he was criticized by the Polish opposition has come true what the opposition thought was impossible has come true Germany will deliver Patriot launchers to Ukraine the Polish minister wrote , noted that he cares about the security of Poland and this decision strengthens ns in 2022, Ukraine received the highest level of aid worth 410 billion Ukrainian arrhythmias from the United States. Skull Prime Minister Dennis Schmiles said this at a government meeting on Friday, January 6.

Live updates: Russia says 89 soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike

States provided 410 billion Ukrainian arrhythmias European Union countries and their institutions together with the European Investment Bank provided 390 billion in Iranians 88 billion Ukrainian arrhythmias were received from the IMF 60 billion Ukrainian arrhythmias came from Canada 35 billion Ukrainian arrhythmias came from the UK 34 billion Ukrainian arrivnias came from the World Bank and 17 billion Ukrainian Arabs from Japan.

Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Has Suffered 'Serious Losses' After Russian Air  Strikes Pound Dozens Of Targets
There were also other amounts from many partners. Schmeil said that he thanked the governments and peoples of all countries who financially supported Ukraine last year. Thanks to this, we do not delay social pensions. benefits or salaries for teachers or doctors for a s A single day we finance all these expenses in full and on time smiles said that Germany will send to Ukraine 40 martyr infantry fighting vehicles and a

Live updates: Russia says 89 soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike

Patriot missile defense system in the first quarter of 2023 The German government spokesman Stefan Haberstrike said this in a briefing on January 6 according to a new Forum s current correspondent for the martyr we are talking about a battalion of about 40 vehicles the first quarter said he noted that the training for Ukrainian soldiers The vehicles would take around eight weeks to use and would be provided in Germany.

Russia-Ukraine war: Key things to know about the conflict
The same package also includes a Patriot air defense system and a battery transfer are scheduled for the first quarter. Previous reports said that Germany had decided to supply Ukraine with ifv martyrs and a patriot battery which was announced on January 5 after a phone call between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden, who by his park announced new aid from the United States in the microwave region the Russian invaders h have damaged more than 14 700 civilian objects since the war began,

Live updates: Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

this was announced by the press service of the Microwave Regional State Administration on Facebook can form reports to As of January 6, 14,708 civilian objects including 9,540 residential buildings, 92 medical and 397 educational institutions, and 184 cultural objects have been partially damaged or completely destroyed in the microwave region since the Russian invasion began, the report said, also emphasizing that 189 industrial companies and more than 2,000 critical infrastructure facilities, gas and electricity networks, rooms boilers, pumping stations, etc.

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Currently a total of 5804 consumers in the region have been left without gas supply as reported by Ukraine since the Russians bomb the ochakive and kutzer communities in the microwave region almost every day affecting residential buildings and Suboxone foreign foreign thank you foreigner

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