If This Was Not Caught On Camera, No One Would Have Believed It

This is deep blue. No, I’m not talking about the sea. I’m talking about this shark. being 20 feet long and over 50 years old was first seen in Mexico by a deep blue researcher is the world’s largest great white shark ever recorded was last seen in 2019 while feasting on the carcass of a whale off the coast of Hawaii after that Many people have seen it in different places, so it is great news that it is still out there, a giant jellyfish from the Deep while searching for a giant squid, a team of researchers came across a huge marine animal, these large curtains more than 10 meters long like The arms belong to a jelly

If It Wasn't Caught on Camera No One Would Believe It - YouTube
This mysterious fish is known as the giant ghost jellyfish and is a rare deep-sea jellyfish. They can reach up to 15 meters in length. They use their ribbon-like hands to catch their prey. Marine life is yes. no more incredible than life on land the largest freshwater stingray in 2022 near the banks of the mekong river in cambodia fishermen caught a huge freshwater stingray this is the largest freshwater stingray ever caught according to the Guinness Book of the World Records it was a whopping 13 feet long to put that in Purdue perspective it is bigger than a pickup truck and weighed around 300 kilograms after biologists examined this huge Beast the fishermen carefully put it back on the river giant whale shark although whale sharks are quite big but look at this huge whale shark swimming gracefully in the water look how big it is compared to divers this majestic creature was spotted in the water near Darwin Galapagos Island for a team of underwater photographers were very lucky to have such an amazing encounter with this gentle giant sunfish this is one of the rarest encounters he lucky divers came face to face with an enormous sunfish.

If It Wasn't Caught On Camera No One Would Believe It - YouTube
This enormous beauty measures over 15 feet and weighs approximately 5,000 pounds. This giant of the ocean has never before been seen near the coast of Portugal. This is one of the weirdest and most wonderful creatures in the ocean. Sunfish swim close to the surface of the water to bask in the sun. This is how they got their name. Jonathan Berg found a huge lion’s mane jellyfish according to Jonathan, this was the biggest jellyfish he had ever seen, its tentacles dangling over 50 feet. The main lion jellyfish are the largest jellyfish, the largest ever recorded was 120 feet long, it is larger than an adult. blue whale roger the kangaroo, this is roger, a ripped alpha kangaroo who likes to smash metal and his keeper’s leg.
if this was not caught on camera no one would have believed it

If It Wasn't Caught On Camera No One Would Believe It - YouTube
I’m not kidding that 200 pounds of sheer muscle is responsible for breaking his keeper’s leg. Roger was taken to the safety of the sanctuary after his mother was killed in a car accident. Sadly, like some of the amazing animals on this list, Roger passed away at the age of 12. Which is sad, but such is life Lion King Lions are quite magnificent and are among some of the most feared animals, but this beauty is the combination of fear and love. The way he is so tender with his caretaker can melt anyone’s heart. height and health shows how well this guy is taking care of this big cat we have to give it to this lion keeper to be able to hold such a huge lion huge bat the video you are about to watch might give you nightmares to the rest of the year this is a daylight vampire oh just kidding it’s a mega bat these species of bats usually eat fruits and vegetables and don’t like blood so you can relax now though Look how big this bat is. ‘ is magnificent, oh, and it can attack your camera, so be aware that if you see a huge house spider when your house has not one, but two huge spiders, you know what to do.

If This Was Not Caught On Camera, No One Would Have Believed It - YouTube
These two huge spiders were filmed inside someone’s house. They seem to be two. the males are noticeable by the big club shaped appendages and they are either fighting over their territory or trying to assert their dominance with each other their size and the way they fight makes me super uncomfortable bowl with huge horns horned animals are cute Da scary, but animals with huge horns are even scarier. This massive bull is known as Lurch and is the proud holder of the record for having the largest horns in the world despite his massive horns. Lurch is a pretty cool and laid back guy.
His horns are a whopping 37.5 inches unfortunately Lurch also passed away due to some complications with his horns rest in peace on a brighter note look at this huge three horned cow how amazing is this biggest animal sea turtle I knew leatherbacks from their little ones babies who knew that something so small can grow to such an enormous size. This huge sea turtle was seen returning to the sea. Leatherbacks can grow up to six feet long and can get old. like 50 years live at their own pace huge turtles while we’re at it let’s talk about the turtle’s favorite cousin, the tortoise, did you know that turtles can grow to enormous sizes too?

If It Weren't Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It... - YouTube
These dinosaur-like creatures look like they belong in some science fiction. movie these giant tortoises are known as galapagos giants their name and the way they move remind me of a herbivorous dinosaur they can live up to 100 years in captivity and they are pretty rare as they were once considered extinct look what slow and calm they are. that’s why they live so long the tallest dog ever when we talk about dogs we think of cute cuddly little puppies we usually don’t think of a massive 3.5 foot dog this great dane is the world record holder de bei He is the tallest dog in the world, although this dog is huge in size, he is still a cute and cuddly baby, according to his mother, he is very relaxed and loves everyone, but he is also very stubborn.

If It Weren't Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It - YouTube
His name is Zeus, which perfectly represents this boy, the biggest cat. from New York City, this Maine cat is one of the most famous instagrammers named Samson Samson Rose to Fame after he was dubbed the biggest cat in New York City, he was four feet long and nearly 250 000 followers on all social media platforms. but sadly he passed away at the age of 10. it is still alive in the hearts of fans of the giant rooster when we think of chickens, we usually think of them as small flightless birds that they were before humans created Brahma chickens, these chickens are huge. look at this huge rooster he looks like he’s been drinking his protein shakes and going to the gym every day the biggest of these roosters was named a freak in 1973 and weighed around 10 kilograms freak was so aggressive he removed two cats from this world yikes the biggest horse this is Big Jake he is the tallest horse in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records Jake was over six feet tall and weighed about 2500 pounds this beautiful horse was a red flax Belgian gelding he was born in 2001 but sadly passed away in June 2021 at the age of 20.

10 Moments You Wouldn't Believe If They Weren't Recorded! - YouTube
Rest in peace Big Jake and now let’s move on to our subscriber pick for the day. This image was sent to us by a subscriber similarly if you ever want to know more about an image you find just send it to us who knows you might even include it in one of our videos it looks like this is a photograph of a dinosaur but the story behind this image is quite tragic according to a facebook post this photo was taken after an alligator was shot near the zimbazi river this alligator had been seen before in that area but people thought it was harmless until an unfortunate fisherman saw it, the reptile attacked and devoured the poor man leaving some parts of his body that were later recovered by his companions to protect the rest of the villagers, the hunters chased this alligator and shot him, what do you think about this story?

If It Wasn't Caught On Camera No One Would Believe It - YouTube
Is it real or fake? Let us know in the comments below the biggest crocodile do you know what the biggest crocodile looks like? This is Brutus, the largest saltwater crocodile ever kept in captivity. Brutus is believed to be 80 years old and is missing a front leg. This poor Croc is said to have lost his leg in a battle with a shark he is known as Brutus the Killer Croc because he was once photographed eating a bull shark he clearly has a taste for sharks thanks for watching be sure to share and subscribe for more entertaining videos goodbye

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