Thanks we are going to pay a visit to USFA a company that many people know for its clones of the Colts single action revolver but also has its own developments and this pistol is a striking example for the way in which in its time it was the basis for A whole new brand from The Zip Factory The gun is chambered for 22LR A low powered version that is very popular for recreational and competitive shooting thanks to the abundance of plastic The gun weighs only 15 ounces The main feature is the two cocking handles the first it’s the zip load you press and the bolt grabs the first cartridge from the magazine when you remove your finger, the cartridge is chambered, the second is fired again, you press and the firing pin cocks without the cartridge being taken, however, the public didn’t like this gun so production of the zip relight stopped, but you can still find it on sale if you’re interested for 240 bucks on the extra njero.


This gun looked great in a spy movie like the James Bond movies. This revolver was made. in the 80s and its main feature is the double caliber to go from 22LR cartridges to 380 ACP, you only have to change the displacement, the capacity is five or three shots and about 20 ounces remain from the revolver, the cylinders are completely enclosed in the weapon and there are two barrels and two firing pins, however in order to implement this the charge speed had to be reduced. It is known that not many of these rifles were produced so they are more of a collector’s item today, but you can get one for about 250 foreign dollars many years ago the Browning company introduced the Buck Mark semi-automatic pistol and it was a huge success on gun has been produced for over 30 years pleasing its fans with different modifications now gunsmiths outdo themselves by turning the gun into a rifle unfortunately according to the Browning website this rifle is no longer in production but still can buy it for around 520 bucks, buyers get a gun with a 10-round 22LR magazine whose weight changes from version to version, the carbon version for example is just over three pounds while this steel version stainless weighs 4.6 lbs.

Reviews note good balance and comfort, but the design is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve seen a rifle gun, but what about a rocket launcher gun? This weapon was made in the United States in the 1960s. It is unknown if its creators were inspired by the Space Race, but they used jet technology. The goal was to create a silent weapon with high efficiency for this purpose they used 13 by 50 mm solid propellant mini missiles and if you look at the numbers the resulting weapon is really silent and deadly the problem was accuracy at a range of 328 feet the experts even started working on Rockets with stabilizers, but the new gauge restrictions caught them by surprise.


It turned out to be expensive to change anything, so production o If these jet pistols were cancelled, a classic weapon from Russia, the ags-30 automatic grenade launcher, is a lightweight at about 37lbs, a powerful and reliable model for the infantry special forces and airborne support, maximum rate of fire is approximately 400 rounds per minute and in the event of overheating the barrel can be quickly swapped out for a spare or sprayed with water sighting ranges are up to 6890ft and The ammunition used allows it to hit targets even behind cover. It can be carried to a transport position and back in three minutes.


The grenade launcher was developed in the 1990s and adopted for service in 1995 and is effective for both offensive and defensive operations. Ruger series of rifles is a true legend among gun connoisseurs, for example, there is even a holiday ve held on October 22 to honor the 1022 version is not surprising since the Ruger was developed in 1964 and as of 2015 over 7 million rifles have been manufactured and the number of upgraded versions is pleasantly surprising for example the one that you’re looking at on screen is called the Desert Tech Trek 22 and it’s seven percent lighter and 10.25 inches shorter than the original.

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The design is quite interesting. They are attached with 11 hex screws The gun is also equipped with a stock that accommodates two spare magazines and a long picatinny rail Some customers criticize for the two-half design The price for the upgrade kit is about three hundred dollars The following is a device from switzerland was made from scratch for a variety of tasks in addition to competitive shooting self defense and training this semi-automatic submachine gun also helps law enforcement the fact is that legislation in many countries restricts police access to fully automatic weapons weapons but still need to fight crime somehow the creators of this weapon highlight its original design of high fire density and its ergonomics for example it will be suitable even for motorcycle police units this version has a 9 mm caliber and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds the gun weighs 5.1 pounds and measures approximately 15.8 inches across long when

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folded and the picatinny rail allows you to accessorize it with necessary upgrades eg a site, but opinions are divided.
Many reviews point out that the existence of such weapons is the result of legislative restrictions and obstacles rather than a well thought out work by the designers. Foreign but rapid fire weapon from Switzerland. Interestingly, it is also useful for special police. Forces private security agent season, even high-ranking officials protectors can also use it. The history of this weapon is quite interesting. The first version was invented in Austria, but due to laws and extremely

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unsuccessful promotion, it did not achieve success. Therefore, rights. The drawings etc they were sold to Switzerland where the gun was perfected and sold very successfully, even to the law. law enforcement in terms of design we’re looking at a three pound machine gun with a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute the magazine capacity is 15 to 30 shots and it can use 9mm by 19mm ammunition it can fire with one hand and if necessary, the weapon can be upgraded for various applications, for example, installing a silencer and advanced optics, the price of the weapon is about fifteen hundred dollars, the next is a movie star, the fnp90 submachine gun has appeared in many movies and shows including Doctor Who, the island. and Stargate SG-1.

However, it is a popular real weapon among special forces in Spain, Belgium, France and other countries. The first thing that catches your eye is the charger. Before being chambered the gun uses 5.7 by 28mm ss-190 ammo which is especially good for fighting in close quarters, the trick is that the bullets hardly ricochet but can penetrate Kevlar armor . The weight of the machine gun is approximately 6.6 pounds. However, it has its drawbacks. It is five to seven times more expensive to produce than something like the uzi. I fire a 50 BMG round. of a flare gun, the author of this experiment explains that we must take into account that such a cartridge is comparable in length to a dollar bill and that the weight of the bullet is approximately two ounces, fortunately, the author was sufficiently clever enough to arrange a remote firing, nothing remains of the flare gun and viewers joke about disposable guns and suggest the author make a flare gun out of steel and try again.

Next on our list is this sniper rifle that has been selected by the Canadian Armed Forces for their missions. It is known that the Finnish manufacturer has committed to deliver 229 units by the end of 2022 and Canadian experts noted that the rifle can give the Armed Forces greater flexibility when developing the excellent model. Versatility and modularity were emphasized so that owners can switch between cartridges by changing the barrel magazine and bolts. There are currently three calibers available. 308 win 300 Winchester magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum. The gun weighs between 13 and 14 pounds. a heat shield around the barrel a tool-free adjustable stock and back plates made from proprietary material for more comfortable shooting price is around 11,500 dollars overseas a little delight for crossbow enthusiasts this beauty uses the system of patented vertical cam and is the shortest in the manufacturer’s line, only 18 inches long.
The main audience is hunters, but other people will also be interested. The manufacturers provided a removable stock anti-drive fire system and a new three-dot reflex sight. the mod will come in handy because it allows you to hit a target at a distance of about 300 feet, the crossbow comes f fully assembled and set up, and the price is 1525 dollars, stop being lazy, it’s time to use that brain of yours. Welcome to BrainTime. Incredible facts from the past, present and even the future. The power of nature and wild animals. Unsolved mysteries all this and much more you will find here subscribe now you will not regret it thanks foreigners

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